Mommy and Me weekend

Colin was out of town this weekend visiting a good friend so it was just me and Brice. I am exhausted!! The combination of sleep training, the heat, trying to do all the house chores and cooking with a toddler around makes for a very tired mama! We had a blast this weekend and I enjoyed my alone time with the little man.

We played with some sidewalk chalk. Brice discovered that chalk does not taste good but felt the need to try all of the colors.

We took selfies. Pants were optional all weekend and Brice wanted to exercise that option.

We ate a humongous delicious pizza for dinner.

Brice figured out that he is a very good climber and he really likes the view from the coffee table and kitchen table.

We played really hard at the park by climbing, sliding, blowing bubbles and running around. Anything but the swings!!! Brice is freaked out by those.

After the park and playing with the water hose, Brice decided that shirts were also optional and he crashed hard for a nice, long nap. Looking back I should have napped, too, instead of painting my toenails. They desperately needed the attention.

We found a dog whose name is only one letter off from Brice’s. I think it’s meant to be…

20140629-120126.jpgWe continued to eat really healthy by having a cookie. There were fruits and veggies in between the pizza and cookie. 🙂

20140629-120138.jpg Then after two busy days I found this ‘relaxation’ chocolate mud mask in my bathroom. It probably would have been more relaxing if I had just eaten chocolate instead of putting this on my face.

20140629-120149.jpgWe were very excited for Dad to get home!! I snuck away for a bit to go swim with Kathryn to let these two catch up.

Kathryn had the great idea that we go get homemade ice cream so after swimming we all drove further into the country to enjoy some peach, blue berry and strawberry ice cream. The heat index was over 100 degrees so the ice cream was perfect.

After the ice cream Brice needed to go give Bailey some lovin’, he hadn’t seen her in 24 hours and he missed her!! Not sure she missed him as much. 🙂

We finished off our weekend with more playing outside while we waited on the boys to bring back dinner. Chicken wings, pizza, ice cream and cookies all in one weekend?? My stomach hates me but it was all worth it.


What was the highlight of your weekend?
Best thing you ate over the weekend?


11 responses to “Mommy and Me weekend

  1. Seriously. Stop with the cuteness. And I love your face mask. I need a good one (my nose looks like a before from a biore commercial).
    But seriously. I might steal your child. And his shoes.

    • My face did feel nice and soft when I took it off. You can steal him because I know for a fact you’ll bring him back pretty quickly! 🙂 Don’t let that sweet face fool you.

  2. What a cute recap! My weekend was spent working around the house and yard to prep for our upcoming parties. But it was nice to enjoy the weather and I love seeing the progress that some good hard work can get you!

    • That sounds like a good weekend! I have some big plans for our yard and can’t wait to see the finished product.

  3. I think it is destiny that you get that big eared dog. So cute!

    It is also mandatory that whenever it is greater than 95 degrees outside, you MUST have ice cream.

    • If that rule is mandatory then looks like I’ll be having ice cream every day for the next few months. I don’t want to be a rule breaker. 🙂

  4. Okay I just laughed out loud at your mask picture. That’s awesome. 🙂
    I LOVE weekends like this with my little! You guys are so cute and it sounds like you had a blast together. This is such a fun age. 🙂

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