Workouts of the Week – 6/23 – 6/29

Only three weeks left until my first sprint triathlon in over two years!!!  Originally I had planned on doing the race in August (it’s a three series race) but with a little convincing from Colin, I have decided to also do the 2nd race in the series. It didn’t take much convincing, just some extra planning to make sure someone could watch Brice while I raced.  I have watched this race several times over the last 2 summers so I’m very excited to actually race it myself!  Here’s how my workouts looked for this week.



Monday- Something came up so I didn’t get my workout in before it was time to go get Brice.  There was rain in the area so Colin ended up having to do his bike ride indoors and later than he planned so my options were limited.  I knew I wanted to do something so I took a chance and put Brice in his stroller.  I gave him some snacks (crackers and homemade almond butter, he loves it!) and he made it just over two miles.  I was very close to home so I turned around when he got fussy and called it a day.  When I got home I realized he possibly was fussing because he dropped his container of almond butter. 🙂  I found it right around the point where I turned around so I’m not sure if the fussing caused him to drop it, or he dropped it because of the fussing!  Oh well, two miles is better than nothing.  Brice also tried to take some selfies of us during the run.IMG_4374This is his new face he makes when I say ‘cheese’, I did it several times to see if it was a fluke but yet he kept making the same silly face!

IMG_4380 Tuesday- I did not at all feel like swimming but I knew it needed to be done.  Colin swam Monday morning and had written his workout up on the board at the pool.  This made my workout mindless because I just did what his coach had told him to do.  Except I did half of what he did, and slower. 🙂  I ended up doing 1,200 yards that was made up of mostly 50 yard repeats. This was my first time testing my LifeProof case underwater and it made me so nervous but it was fun!  It makes all my out of water pictures blurry but at least I know the case works!IMG_4409Wednesday- This was a gooooood workout!!  I got on the indoor trainer for an hour and worked up quite the sweat!  I did a 5 minute warm up followed by several intervals varying in length.  Colin stopped by the house and started picking on me saying my cadence was too low so I really focused on picking up my cadence for the second half of my workout.  After cycling I ran one mile outside just to get my legs used to the transition from cycling to running.  This was my longest bike ride I’ve done this whole training cycle.  I plan on my bike portion being under 50 minutes so one hour will probably be my go to training time for the next few weeks.

IMG_4424 IMG_4423


Thursday- Rest day.  You can read about that one here. Colin on the other hand did a ridiculous workout.  10414580_10100890649708103_135885615868586579_n

Friday- I planned to go to the gym to do my butt kicking cardio circuit workout but, as usual, I forgot to do something at the house so I had to go home instead of straight to the gym.  By the time I ran an errand, got home, organized a few things I had just enough time to squeeze in 3 miles of speed work on the treadmill.  Even though our treadmill is in the garage and it gets insanely hot I figured it was a safer option than running outside in the direct sunlight.  This was I had the fan from the treadmill and my ice water on hand.  I did a half mile warm up then did 6 x .25 miles at 7:30 pace, with .125 recovery with a .25 cool down to round out my 3 miles.


Saturday – I knew I wanted to wake up and get moving but when I woke up I just really wasn’t feeling it.  I still made myself get on the treadmill anyway.  I had my nice little setup going with the Bachelorette playing on the computer with the monitor handy so I could see when Brice woke up.  I had the garage door open so I could pretend I was outside.  I walked 1.5 miles and after that I felt like I was finally awake.  So then I ran a mile and got sooo sweaty.  Even though it was only 75 degrees outside it was 88% humidity and being in the garage only increased that.  After running that mile I walked for a half mile to drink some water and cool down a little.  Then I ran another 1.5 miles then finished it off by walking another half of a mile.  I ended up doing 5 miles in an hour of which I ran half, walked half.

IMG_4471 IMG_4475

After my run/walk on the treadmill and breakfast and we headed to our neighborhood park.  It’s just over a mile round trip so that gave me a solid 6 miles for the day total.  Colin had a nice hilly 10 mile run for the day too!

IMG_4481Sunday – I wrote this post in advance so what I SHOULD be doing today is getting on the indoor trainer for 45 minutes – 1 hour depending on when Brice wakes up and when I wake up. 🙂  Colin was out of town this weekend (<– not something I would advertise if it wasn’t Sunday morning and he wasn’t already on his way home) so my workouts have been limited but I do plan on going to the pool this afternoon when it opens and let Brice and his daddy have some time to catch up!

What is the farthest you have ridden a bike? I have done one Century ride that ended up being 102 miles.  I don’t have a desire to do that kind of distance anytime soon.

Treadmill- love it, hate it, or in between?


5 responses to “Workouts of the Week – 6/23 – 6/29

    • I used to hate the treadmill too before I had my son, but now it’s a necessary evil. 25 miles on a bike is great!

    • I was SOOO nervous about putting my phone underwater. I’m glad to know the case works though!

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