Workouts of the Week- 6/30 – 7/6

This last week was very much a down week when it comes to my training.  I wanted to save my legs for the 5k I ran on Friday so I don’t have much to share!

Monday- I did my super sweaty cardio workout at the gym. It’s a row, cycle, run combo high intensity workout. I cut the distances short because only a text from Brice’s daycare director that the power was out and that it was going to get hot, fast, with no AC. I was able to get in 3 miles plus rowing and cycling.

Tuesday- off. I didn’t have time to get in a workout. We had someone come out and fix our DVR after months of it not working, so I had to be at home. Then at night we had Supper Club so there wasn’t time then either!

Wednesday- I swam 1,250 yards. It wasn’t a great swim but that’s 3x the distance that my race will be so I felt good about it.

Thursday- Off. I was going to cycle but hey, it was Thursday and things always come up on Thursdays for me.
Friday- RACE DAY!!! I hope to have that recap up in the morning.

Saturday- I wanted to cycle but I was tired and sore so I took the day off.
Sunday- 5 easy miles. I had negative splits with the first mile being 9:25 and the last was 8:57. I ran in a skirt I bought at my 5k and really liked it! It’s a Brooks skirt and it was only $10 so that makes it even better!! This was the first time I enjoyed wearing a running skirt while running.

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