Jax Tri Series #1 Recap

Three weeks ago (yeah I’m a little behind) Colin participated in the Jax Tri Series #1.  This is a three part series and I’ll be racing in #2 and #3, EEEKK!! This is the third year for us going to these races and they are always great!  You can choose between doing the Sprint or the Olympic distance race.  This year Colin is doing all three Olympic distances, and I’m going to be doing the sprint distance.  It’s crazy to think that this is already the third year of this race for us.  The first year I was pregnant and last year we had Brice with us! Look how little he was!!

photo Okay, enough getting all sentimental about how time flies and on to the race recap… We stayed in a condo that is walking distance to the transition area.  This race spoils us because we don’t have to coordinate much on race morning.  We all can wake up whenever we want and just walk over to the start!  Since my mom was with us I was able to go for a run before the race started.  When I got back to the condo, Brice was still sleeping and my mom offered to just stay up there with him.  So I headed down to the race start and met up with Colin’s parents who were staying close by.  We got our obligatory family (minus Brice) photo and then Colin headed to the swim start.


The sprint and Olympic races start at two different points on the beach but finish at the same point.  They start the Olympic waves first and then the sprint so it ends up that you have both distance racers getting out of the water at the same time.  I didn’t hear anyone complain about congestion at the point where they meet though. DSCN3943

Colin crushed the 1.5K swim in 28:16.  His swim has improved so much over the last several months.DSCN3946 DSCN3948 There was a little malfunction with the power generator that was keeping the air pump running to hold the swim exit chute up.  Luckily a couple of men ran over and held it up for the racers to run under it, but a few racers did struggle with getting under/over/around it!DSCN3949 They got it fixed just in time for Matt to come out of the water and smoothly run under it.DSCN3951 Brice had a blast yelling “GO!” at all the cyclists coming past us.DSCN3954 Colin finished up the 40K (24.7 miles) bike portion in 1:05.  The bike has always been his strongest part and it’s just getting faster!!DSCN3957 DSCN3958 As I talked about in my Tips to Being a Spectator post, the location of where you stand is very important!  I was able to see Colin come in on the bike and then run one block over to see him start his run.DSCN3960 I was then able to run back to my previous spot and catch Matt coming in on the bike.  This may be the BEST race picture I have ever taken.  As you can see from the pictures of Colin I always get him too far out and just as he passed.  This one I timed perfectly!DSCN3963 Then back over to see Matt starting out on his run!DSCN3965 With all the bikers around Brice needed to get on his bike and go for a little ride.  He hasn’t gotten the hang of properly striding yet and just walks it, but I found the cutest helmet to get him so he can safely pick up his pace! 🙂DSCN3966  Colin did great on his run too!!  He finished in 47:13!!!  I’m super proud of his run.  Colin has always been fast but he struggled with nutrition on his runs during triathlons.  He finally got that all figured out and is rocking it.DSCN3969 This is why it’s important to have comfy shoes while spectating!!  I saw Colin come in and bee-lined it to the finish so I could get this shot.DSCN3970 Then I made my way back to the family to get a picture of Matt coming in from his run!DSCN3974 Post race smiles all the way around!!  DSCN3983 DSCN3985 It was hot out so I had to make sure Brice stayed nice and cool while we were out there.  DSCN3989


c vvbbbddsddsd      v  ch   <— Brice wanted to type part of the recap.  🙂  Colin’s overall time was 2:22:07 which I believe is a 14 minute PR on the Olympic distance race!!!  He was 4th in his age group and 20th male overall.  We’ll be heading back to the same race next weekend and I can’t wait to see what he does in that race!!

Anybody racing this weekend?

Are you training for any races?

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    • I wanted to come up with a funny analogy but I just can’t think right now, so let’s just say there are lots of things out there that can swim faster than me too!

  1. Wow, what a race! That is so impressive. I always tell my husband that the location of the spectator is super important when I run, but he is still a rookie. 🙂

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