Workouts of the Week: 7/7 – 7/13

I’m still alive, just been very busy lately and not finding time to post much. I did want to posts what workouts I was able to fit in last week before I forget what I did!!


Monday- I started the week strong with a 1.250 swim and then a bike ride at night. Kathryn and I went with a local group that is known for being more family friendly so it was a good time to go. We figured since we do have a race VERY SOON we needed to get outside and ride. We ended up doing 16 miles (slow paced).  Colin also swam on Monday doing an easy 1,500 yard recovery swim.


Tuesday- I did my super sweaty circuit again. I promise I’ll post this workout soon because it’s a killer. I wore my foot pod and watch to keep up with what I did in the treadmill. I ended up getting in 4 miles and the total workout was right at an hour long. Colin had a short brick workout to do today which was about a 1:20 bike ride with intervals and then a 20 minute run.

Wednesday- I wanted to run but the thought of getting on the treadmill had me bored just thinking about it! So I came home and ran around the neighborhood. I slowed it down a lot and took water with me because it was insanely hot outside. I stuck around the park so I could refill my water bottle if needed (which I did because most of it went on top of my head.) I did 3.3 miles in 30 minutes.  Another brick workout for Colin, this time 1 hour bike and 30 minute run, plus an early morning 3,000 yard swim.


Thursday- As I tried to leave work on Thursday I got stopped by my coworkers because they were about to have cake to celebrate another coworkers birthday.  I was already leaving later than usual and II thought, well of course, it’s Thursday and something always keeps me from working out on Thursday! So I sat and watched them eat cake (it was a store bought cake with the kind of icing I really don’t like) then headed home.  This only left me 30 minutes before I would be able to pick up Brice.  I quickly changed clothes and did a Google search for “20 minute HIIT full body workout” and this is when I discovered  This 20 minute video got my heart rate up and sweaty FAST!!  If you are looking for a quick and effective workout, go look at their site!! Colin just had a run for the day.  It’s funny that a day with just one activity for him now seems like an easy day!

20140715-072537.jpgFriday- Friday morning when I woke up my legs were SOOOO sore from that short workout I did the day before.  I was going to go swim but then my coworkers were all going to lunch so I tagged along with them.  I figured a day of rest on my legs would be good since they were so sore.  Lots of stretch and foam rolling Friday night! Unlike myself, Colin actually did go do his swim.

Saturday- Do you ever have those days where no matter how hard you try to fit in a workout it just doesn’t happen?? This was my Saturday.  Colin was out riding his bike for ridiculous amounts of time Saturday morning.  Because of that, I woke up early got my bike all set up on the trainer and starting getting dressed to cycle…. and then Brice woke up!  After some snuggles he finally fell back asleep but I was starving by this point and knew I wouldn’t have the energy to push through a ride.  There’s always nap time I thought!  Well Brice decided he didn’t want to nap until about 12:30 and we were supposed to be somewhere at 1 and I needed to make an appetizer.  We had somewhere else to be at 6:30 so I thought I could squeeze in a workout between our two events but it just didn’t happen!  We still had a blast on Saturday and friends + food + fun was just better than a ride.

Sunday- Colin had a long run on the schedule for Sunday and I didn’t want a repeat of Saturday so I got up extra early and was extra quiet.  I was able to do my 45 minute ride, change shoes, and jump on the treadmill before Brice woke up.  I was only able to get in 1 mile when I was hoping for 2 but it’s better than nothing!


Three runs, two rides, and one swim for the week.  I’ve been having a hard time focusing up on my swims.  Since the swim in the triathlons I’m doing is only 440 yards it’s not really a problem, but I need to get in there and start doing more speed drills to pick up my pace!

Any swimmers out there??  What are some good drills to get faster?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest) how important are your workouts?  Do you pick getting in your workout over friends/fun or do you just go with it and make up your workouts another day?

4 responses to “Workouts of the Week: 7/7 – 7/13

  1. I love the underwater shots, lol. I try to get in my workouts earlier rather than later so that I don’t have to make the choice (but I also don’t have a behbeh, other than the Zoester. Well, and Alex haha). Alex sometimes has to make the choice, and I usually let him go to the gym. But I also will leave things early so that I can go home and sleep before a big run. So there is that. So, I would say, about an 8?

    • I agree with you on needing sleep before a big run! With Colin’s heavy weekend training our nights have been getting cut pretty short.

    • Were you on a swim team? I’m pretty much a self taught swimmer so I’m probably very inefficient. blah. I’m trying to remember that swimming is fun!

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