Thoughtless Thursday- all the selfies

I try to avoid posting TOO many selfies on Instagram and Facebook. Actually I post very little on Facebook these days; an occasional picture of Brice or from a race but that’s about all. Any who just because I don’t post a lot of them doesn’t mean I’m not still taking them!! For your viewing pleasure this Thoughtless Thursday is all about The Selfie.

The I got ridiculously sweaty at the gym so I just had to take a picture in the mirror selfie.


The underwater selfie.


The Brice loves Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut butter but can’t seem to get it in his mouth when scraping the sides of the jar selfie.


The too cool for school and Brice loves seeing himself wear his sunglasses so he wanted to take a selfie, selfie.


The ‘Oh mom you wanted to dry your hair after you got out of the shower? But I’m teething and want to cuddle and not nap’ selfie.


The I can’t resist buying cute things for Brice and taking this before starting his swim lesson selfie.


The how am I supposed to breathe let alone get up when Brice is laying on me like this selfie.  PS- I’m not pretending to be asleep, the flash was bright and it hurt my eyes.


The NEW HAIR selfie!!


What are your thoughts on selfies?

How often do you take them? (Be honest!!)

8 responses to “Thoughtless Thursday- all the selfies

  1. But first? Let me take a selfie…
    I love your selfies–you are good at them, and they aren’t obnoxious at all. You know that I love the underwater one. I am atrocious at selfies. Like really, really, really bad. Also, my phone is too big to hold comfortably, so there is that.
    I also love the new hair 😀

    • I had that song (which I hate) stuck in my head all day yesterday! I prefer Brice to be in my selfies so the attention is on him. I’ve created a monster though because when I tell him to say cheese and runs over to me for a selfie!

    • Thanks!! I should have cut it weeks ago! I’d be lying if I said I always used the first selfie I took. 🙂

    • I love my Zoot shirt!! Throw a cute kid in the selfie and people don’t even look at you. 🙂

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