Workouts of the Week 7/14 – 7/20 : Race Week

Today I have been having a complete case of The Mondays.  Here are the reasons I would love nothing more than crawling into bed right this very second:

I’m not feeling all too well.  I had a fever last night and just feel off today.

Brice woke up before 6 this morning and didn’t go back to sleep.

When finally walking out of the door Brice somehow opened the childproof lid on his teething tablets and they went flying everywhere.

Brice is teething.

I spilt my coffee in the car.

It’s Monday after a really fun weekend.  <– that always makes it hard when your fun weekend is over.

I have so many things that I want to talk about such as the race this weekend, all the other fun stuff we did after the race, new gear that I’ve been trying out and several other topics, but I need to share our workouts from last week before I forget what I did!!


I don’t have too much to report on about my own workouts.  Since it was a race week I wanted to make sure I was nice and fresh for Saturday.  Colin also had an easier week this week, too.  An easy week for him though would be considered hard for me!!

Monday- Kathryn and I went for a bike ride Monday night.  Well we went with a group but we pushed it a little harder than the rest of the group.  We did 16 miles with the second half of that being in the rain!  It got pretty windy and had some cross winds but also had some tailwind which made it fun!  Colin did his core work but skipped out on his swim, and that’s true love right there!!  You know your husband loves you when he skips his workout so you can go do yours. 🙂


Tuesday- I did speed work on the treadmill at the gym for a total of 4 miles averaging 8:00 min/mile.  I had both my swim and running clothes with me, but I just really wasn’t in the mood for getting in the pool.  I wanted to run outside because I checked the temperature and it was going to be cooler than normal (which means like 92 degrees instead of 102) but the reason it was going to be cooler was due to thunderstorms in the area so I stayed inside.  I did a one mile warm up where I progressively picked up the speed and then did .25 mile repeats (x6) at 7:00 min/mile with .25 mile recovery period in between each.  Those area thunderstorms had Colin stuck indoors too because he had to cycle.  He did an 1:20 on the indoor trainer.


Wednesday- I had full intentions of going swimming because I forgot that my hair appointment was today and not Thursday like I was thinking.  So no swimming for me, but on Coach Colin’s recommendation I went and ran once he got home.  Ughhh it was horrible.  I cut back on the technology and just ran with my watch since I knew I wouldn’t have any music during the race.  My goal was to run 35 minutes at a comfortable pace and just enjoy it.  About 100 yards in I knew the run was going to be bad.  My legs felt heavy, I was hungry and just not feeling it.  I was able to get 3 miles out of it at a 9 minute pace which lately has been a very easy pace for me but today it just felt rough. Colin felt much better on his morning run that I did!  He ran 9 miles in the morning and then had an afternoon swim.

Thursday + Friday – Complete rest days.  Did some stretching and foam rolling to get my legs ready for Saturday.  Colin did a brick workout Thursday afternoon, but he also took Friday off.

Saturday- RACE DAY!!!!  I’ll be working on my recap and hope to have it up Wednesday.


Sunday- Recovery day.  Did a little swimming and then lots of foam rolling and using The Stick once we got back home.


How was your week?  Workouts or just in general!

Anyone else having a case of The Mondays?

8 responses to “Workouts of the Week 7/14 – 7/20 : Race Week

  1. Rest up homie! Great work this weekend! Does this mean you’re gonna do more TRI’s in the future?

    • Oh yes!! I’m doing this same race in 3 weeks and possibly an Olympic distance later this year.

  2. I wanna hear how it wwweeennntttt. I have a terrible case of the mondays right now. My head is not currently attached to my body, thus the reading of blogs at work.

    • haha I did quite a bit of blog reading at work too. It was just one of those days!

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