Thoughtless Thursday- Our Fishing Trip. Bye bye ring…

I know y’all are anxiously waiting for the race recap and I promise it will be up first thing in the morning!  For now I’ll show you pictures from our fishing trip last weekend.  After the race we headed back to the condo so we could all shower, went to grab some snacks for the boat, had lunch and then headed down to the marina.  Since Colin’s parents were there to watch Brice we wanted to do something we normally don’t get to do so the boys booked a deep-sea fishing trip.  It had been way too long since I had been fishing so I was very excited to get to go.  Even though we were all pretty tired after the race, and a nap was sounding great, we knew we were going to have a good time.


We had about a 45 minute ride to our first spot which I was a little apprehensive about.  I was nervous I would start feeling sea sick but thankfully that never happened.  We all just enjoyed the ride!


Our awesome Captain gave us a brief demonstration of what we need to do, and then we were let loose!  I’m proud to say that I caught the first fish!!!  The fish was about the size of the bait that I was using but that doesn’t matter. 🙂  We moved around a few times when we weren’t getting what the Captain wanted but I think we still caught some fish at every spot.


We  had a few big fish get away which is always disappointing but it made catching the big ones even better!  Matt was the first one to land a big snapper.  I thought the snapper that I had caught was big, but this snapper could have eaten my fish!!

matt fish

Not too long after that, Colin hooked into his own big fish and reeled in this bad boy… or girl?


Our other friends that were with us also both caught big snapper.  I’m happy to say that a girl caught the biggest fish of the day!!  Kathryn and I didn’t catch any monster snapper 😦  but we still had fun!


Now to discuss this picture.  Notice the shiny thing on Colin’s left ring finger…


It is very frequent that Colin does not wear his wedding ring due to working out (he’ll take it off and just forget to put it back on.)  When we were on the boat I made a joke that I think for once in our marriage Colin was wearing his wedding ring when I wasn’t.  That should have been a sign of what was to come.  A lot of times he doesn’t wear it because with all of his training he has started losing weight and his ring had gotten loose on his finger.  So right after catching his big fish and taking the pictures he grabbed a rag to wipe off his hands to get the fish slime off of them.  By simply wiping off his hands his wedding ring slid off his finger, bounced off the side of the boat and sunk  76 feet down to be exact!!!  My heart sank and Colin said I turned white.  That sound of it pinging off the side of the boat and plopping in the water is a sound I will never forget!!!  If I’m being honest I’m impressed that his ring lasted 4+ years.  Colin was just so relieved that I was right there with him when it happened because he would have been sooo nervous to tell me about it.  It stinks because that is the ring from our wedding, but in the end it’s just a piece of metal and we know exactly where it went and it’s not just lost.  I hate losing things (thanks Mom for passing on those genes!) but his ring is not lost, it’s about 15 miles off shore and 76 feet down.  Unless a fish ate it, then who knows where it ended up!!


Here we are after the trip with the fish that made his weeding ring fall off.  I will be eating this fish for dinner tonight and it’s going to be delicious.

Have you ever gone deep-sea fishing?

Have you ever lost something valuable?  (monetary or sentimental) I lost an expensive earring and it still drives me crazy when I think about it!


8 responses to “Thoughtless Thursday- Our Fishing Trip. Bye bye ring…

  1. Oh no!! I am super unlikely to ever lose mine but we knew it was such a high probability for Joe that we bought him several cheaper alternative metal (titanium, tungsten, etc) rings rather than a single gold ring. He alternates which ones he wears and I won’t be crushed if he loses one, which frankly I’m surprised hasn’t happened yet in 3 years!

  2. Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! I’m sorry. 😦 My heart just sunk reading this but you’re exactly right! It’s not lost at all and a cool memory was made from all of it. His new wedding band could have something funny inscribed on it about the day. 🙂

    Those fish are huge and I hope you enjoyed your dinner! Snapper is delicious! I’ve been deep sea fishing once and I did get seasick. Standard for me on any boat unfortunately!

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  4. Holy balls that fish is enormous. When my best friend was getting married (and I was a bridesmaid) I was the one who laced her into her dress. My engagment ring needed to be resized, and I didn’t know it, but it came off while I was doing it! I didn’t realize until after we had left her house (where we were getting ready), and on the way to the venue, but then we (I and another bmaid) went back, and someone had picked it up and put it on a table….um, I think that a diamond ring on the floor would be cause to say something?

    • Yikes!!! Good thing it was at her house, but really who wouldn’t say something about finding a diamond ring on the floor??

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