Thoughtless Thursday- Don’t worry I’m still here!

I know y’all were sooo worried since I haven’t posted in several days.  I’ve just been very busy and haven’t had the time to sit and post.  As usual I have about 10 posts written in my head, just no time to sit and get them out.  Busy doing what?  That’s a good question!!  Busy just doing life.  Usually I find time to post on the weekends but we were out of town last weekend, the weekend before that and will be gone again next weekend!!  This means I have to find time during the week to do laundry, get the house clean, meal prep and all of those other things I like to do on the weekends.  Summers are just a busy time for us, and I’m looking forward to being home this weekend and hopefully playing catch up around the house and get ahead instead of always feeling like I’m running behind.  So for this Thoughtless Thursday, here is a glimpse into my last week-ish in pictures! Oh yeah and I even didn’t have time to throw together my normal workout recap, so be prepared for a lot of randomness.

I saw this little guy on my way home last week and it was so random that I had to stop and take a picture!  Which lead me to think of a million why did the chicken cross the road jokes.


Last week I didn’t swim at all, but I spent a lot of time on the indoor trainer. I wore my tank from the previous race as motivation.  I’m proud of myself because I’m getting comfortable with my bike such as pumping the tires, changing the bike skewer in and out, and other little things.  These may seem like basic things but this is a good sign that I’m not afraid I will break my bike anymore!


Colin mentioned having something sweet (after he texted me a picture of donuts earlier in the day) so I forced him to go to the store since he brought up sweets twice in one day.  I didn’t really force him… he actually felt guilty and went out of his own free will.  He brought back an M&M cookie ice cream sandwhich that was delicious but I was forced to share it.


Brice climbs into the front seat every chance he gets to ‘drive’ this boy is obsessed with cars and I’m pretty sure we have a future race car driver on our hands!


Is this not one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen???  Brice is in the middle of taking survival swim lessons and they had him wear this little wetsuit.  He wasn’t enjoying it very much but I thought it was so stinking cute!


Last weekend we went up to Atlanta (and surroundings) for Colin’s 10 year high school reunion.  I’ve got an old man on my hands!!  That Friday night we cooked out at Colin’s parents house and it’s crazy the difference being 3 hours north of us makes on the temperature.  It was still warm but felt so good to be able to sit outside without sweating to death.



Every froyo store needs to get these cup dividers.  I was able to keep my strawberry and chocolate ice cream separated.  Well, I was able to keep them separated until it started melting which took all of about 3 minutes outside.


This is normal right?  Doesn’t everyone have group texts where you only talk in hashtags and pictures?


Yep, that’s a deer.  In the city.  Eating someone’s garden.  No matter how loud we yelled this thing didn’t budge.  These north Georgia deer are spoiled…. they wouldn’t last a day down south.


Colin had a long run on the schedule for Saturday morning so I tagged along for part of it.  Him and his dad left early and ran for 30 minutes while I got ready and ate a little breakfast.  They then came back to get me and I had to make sure they couldn’t miss me so I wore the brightest outfit possible! 7.55 miles of hilliness to start the day.


We went and ate breakfast with Colin’s uncle and cousins that we hadn’t seen in awhile and then we took Brice to the local airport because, like cars, he is also obsessed with airplanes! We got to see the corporate Chick-fil-a jet land which was cool.  That thing is huge and loud!!


We also got to to into one of the hangars so Colin could dream big and I picked out which airplane I would like.

IMG_4928[1]  Later that night Colin and I headed up into the city for a little date before his high school reunion.  We went to this really cute restaurant on a friend’s recommendation.  I’m doing a post on the delicious food I’ve had lately all on its own.  Since we were child free for the night we made sure to enjoy a few adult beverages.IMG_4930[1] After dinner we then headed over to the Sweetwater Brewery for Colin’s 10 year high school reunion!!  I must say it was much more enjoyable that I thought it would be.  Going in, Colin was the only person I knew there, but I got to meet some really great people!

IMG_4884[1] We even both goa free neck adjustment from an old friend who is now a chiropractor.  Apparently I have a funky neck but I’m convinced it’s because it’s long. 🙂IMG_4883[1] When we got back home, we had a few bananas that were too mushy for my liking so I made some mini banana muffins.  Then I added sprinkles because sprinkles just makes things more fun! Plus, I was avoiding the 5 huge stacks of laundry that needed my attention.

IMG_4887[1] Do you see those numbers next to “Feels Like”??  Yeah, you’re not seeing things, that does say 115 degrees.  Did y’all think I was lying when I said it is hot here??  And that was at 4 oclock in the afternoon.

IMG_4892[1] Since it is a billion degrees outside and my child still insists that we play outside we load up on the sunscreen and hop in his little pool.  He wanted me to join him and I couldn’t say no because the cool water was needed.

IMG_4890[1] Playing in the water has been a daily occurrence for us. Brice either thought his truck was dirty or he also needed to be cooled down with some water.IMG_4895[1]

I told you it was going to be very random.  This has been my life for the past week and a half. Workouts, swim lessons, prepping and eating meals, work, and play time have left me feeling pretty tired!!  Looking forward to a weekend at home where hopefully I can catch up on some sleep!

What is the highest temps you have been in this summer?

What is the most random animal you have seen on the side of the road?

Best Chicken joke???


11 responses to “Thoughtless Thursday- Don’t worry I’m still here!

  1. 118 here in AZ
    javelina and a bobcat
    Lol…i had to google chicken jokes, but none of them made me chortle…so I’ll wait to see if anyone has a joke that makes me giggle.

    btw, where are you that all the cars are golf carts?

    • I have no idea what a javelin is! I just googled it and after seeing a picture I’m still not sure. Do you have any humidity in AZ? I’m not sure which is worse 118 of pure heat or what we get here with the humidity. It’s Peachtree City, GA. About 45 minutes southwest of Atlanta. There are golf cart paths everywhere and it’s awesome. Especially for running!

    • I know! Our definition of hot/cold would probably baffle most people. It is 88 degrees here today with very low humidity so I’m actually thinking about running outside!

  2. Aaaaah Georgia. Nothing like that “please dear god let it rain so that it will break the heat’ so typical of a Georgia summer. So weird though–we haven’t had anything like that up here. AT ALL. Like, I think we had one day of 90s? I’ve been wearing a light jacket every day! It’s lovely for now, but it makes me nervous about this fall and winter.
    Brice and I might be the same person. Cookies, Ice cream, and cars. And omgomgomg that wetsuit. BEYOND.

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