Mommy and Me weekend round 2

Over the weekend it was just Brice and myself at home. With only 8 weeks to go until Colin’s Ironman he planned a training weekend up in Chattanooga. He was able to ride the full bike course (plus some with getting a little lost) and run part of the run course. This was the best weekend for him to go because a friend of ours, who is also doing the Ironman, could go, too. Originally he planned to go a few weekends from now, but those plans fell through so it was now or never. I was looking forward to having a nice relaxing weekend at home since we’ve been on the go so much lately but I knew this training weekend was very important for Colin. On Thursday night he tried to get me to convince him to stay and even though I really wanted him to stay home, I knew how important that training session would be.
If you remember our last Mommy and Me weekend, it was all rainbows and butterflies and everything was fantastic. I wish I could say the same about this weekend! We still had a great weekend, but I experienced a full range of emotions.  Friday was Brice’s half birthday.  Our little baby is now 1.5 years/18 months old.  How has he gotten so old???  Because I’m a little crazy, I bought cupcakes and took them to his daycare so all the babies could celebrate Brice’s birthday.  I got the mini cupcakes because I didn’t want the other parents hating me TOO much for the amounts of sugar I just fed their kids.  Friday was also the last day in the ‘baby’ room at daycare and he has now moved up to what I would consider the toddler room. They won’t even sit in high chairs anymore!  They will sit at a tiny table with tiny chairs.  Should be interesting to see how messy he is when I pick him up.  Anywho, Friday was a bit of an emotional day as I realized my baby isn’t a baby anymore.

IMG_4940[1]  He may or may not have starting asking for more after he ate this first one.  Brice’s knows what’s up when it comes to cupcakes.


I tried to get Brice and his BFF to sit still for a picture before we left.  If you can get these two boys to sit still for a picture and both look at the camera, at the same time, I’ll pay you $100!  Brice’s buddy is skipping the next room and going straight into the 2 year old room so they will miss each other!  (His buddy is 4 months older)


After getting all sugared up Brice and I went and did a little furniture shopping.  He was really excited because there were stairs at the store, so I barely did any shopping because I had to keep up with him running up and down the steps.  He did take a little tumble, down the steps which scared me half to death and got a small spot of rug burn on his nose. 😦 You can see said rug burn here.


Everyone was so impressed because he didn’t cry or whine at all, he just got up and kept going!  Our night was pretty uneventful.  We just hung around the house and decorated.  Oh and of course we took big cheesy selfies after bath time.


Saturday morning I was forced to go to Walmart.  I can’t remember the last time I was in there and that was just fine with me!  I had to go deposit a check and the only bank in town is actually in Walmart.  Since Brice is changing rooms and it’s the start of a new school year I had to buy the stuff on his school supplies list.  I was going to wait and do it today, but when I got to Walmart it was surprisingly calm (this past weekend was tax free weekend in Georgia so I was expecting mayhem in Walmart.  Brice was doing great just hanging out in the shopping cart so I got in and out as quickly as possible and was able to get everything on his list.  We ran a few more errands then headed back home.  I was trying to get everything done as quickly as possible so there were zero pictures taken during this outing. I was a bit anxious as to how this outing would go because I needed to get things done and Brice usually doesn’t sit in the shopping cart very long, but he did so well! Afterwards we came home, had lunch and then it was time for Brice’s nap.  Once I got him down, I hung up a few pictures and then jumped on my bike.  Cupcakes make the perfect fuel, right?

IMG_4976[1]I was hoping to get 45 minutes to an hour on the bike, but Brice woke up early so I only got to cycle for about 30 minutes.  He wouldn’t fall back asleep but instead wanted some milk and to go outside (typical these days) so that’s what we did.  I told him to put on some shoes before we went out and this is what he did…

IMG_4978[1] The boy has some good taste in shoes!!!  Our time outside was short lived because after not very long Brice started getting whiny and wanted to come back inside.  I figured it was just because he was tired from not napping as long as normal.  We came back in and just sat on the couch and snuggled for a little bit.  That should have been my first sign that something wasn’t right because this kid rarely sits still. This is from my instagram.

After about 20 minutes of snuggles he stood up turned and looked at me and threw up all over my brand new rug.  Then walked 3 feet to his right and repeated it.  Poor little guy must have had a tummy ache that’s why he wanted to snuggle and didn’t nap well.  Poor mama now has a stained, brand new rug.  That rug wasn’t there for 6 hours before it got its first stain.  I have tried everything to get it out, it’s just not happening.  As you can imagine I was not very happy about this incident, but felt bad that Brice didn’t feel well.  Throwing up must have made him feel better because he was immediately back to his wild and crazy self.  This picture sums up the rest of our night pretty well.



I wanted to wake up early Sunday morning and get on the treadmill, but that didn’t happen.  My genius self set our alarm Saturday night and then couldn’t figure out the password to turn off the alarm!!  Colin usually sets and disarms it from the app on his phone so I never think about it.  This meant I was stuck inside the house until I got in touch with Colin to turn it off.  Our treadmill is in the garage so I couldn’t open the door leading to the garage without setting off the alarm.  Genius, I know. Brice ended up waking up pretty early so I wouldn’t have been able to run very long plus I haven’t been feeling 100% so that little bit of extra rest was needed.  After Brice woke up, ate breakfast and played for a little bit I took a risk that paid off.  I put him in his stroller and went out for a run/walk.  He had his milk and a snack and was so content!!  I ran/walked a 5k and at a point I thought he had fallen asleep because he was being so still and quiet.  He probably would have been good to go farther but we needed to be home at 10 so we had to end it there.



I was so excited that he did well in the stroller and hope this means I can start taking him for more runs!  The weather was cooler than it has been Sunday morning and it felt nice to get outside.  It really makes me look forward to the fall!! It felt good to slow things down for a change and just get out and enjoy moving my legs.  During his nap I got on the treadmill and did another slow 1.9 miles to round it out to 5 miles for the day.  As with cupcakes, Brice knows what’s up when it comes to bacon.  That little booger kept stealing all my bacon and left me with this one little burnt piece.  If he wasn’t so cute I might have been upset!


Do you have any magic stain remover tricks?? Please share if you do!

Do you celebrate half birthdays?


9 responses to “Mommy and Me weekend round 2

  1. OK adopted mommy, when do I get to visit?? I love these snap shots of your life. Being a mom is amazing and impossible, and I think that is exactly what makes it even more amazing (and impossible, haha). You guys have a good little egg on your hands 😀 I hope that he is totally over whatever hit him!
    OXI-CLEAN. It is made of magic. We used to (and still do, at times) use it on my horse’s tail for horse shows (he is gray, but non-horsey people would call him white). Works like a charm.

    • I tried oxi-clean and it did work a little, but there is still a stain 😦 I guess it will just be a reminder to me as to why I do not buy nice new things with a toddler running around! You are more than welcome to come visit whenever you want!! Like when you are in the middle of winter and I’m down here wearing shorts, I think that will be a good time. 🙂

      • Gotta let that stuff soak in. And I can’t have nice things because I have an Alex and a cat.
        And don’t you threaten me 😉

  2. Way to hold down the fort! Unfortunately, I don’t have any cleaning tips or stain tricks =). When you get into trouble with computer networking, gaming, or engineering stuff, don’t hesitate to reach out… =). Have a great day!

  3. Oh your poor son, although I’m happy he threw up and was back to his old self. Jeez, when do we grow out of that? I seem to get sick and need to stay in bed for three days. Those cupcakes look amazing, I especially love the sprinkles and yes, perfect bike fuel

    • I know what you mean! If I get sick I just want to lay in bed (or on the bathroom floor) for hours! I think they need to come out with a cupcake batter flavored Gu, that would be perfect. 🙂

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