Not 1, not 3, but 5!

Now that my two triathlons are over and done with I’m going to be primarily focusing on running for the rest of the year.  I will by no means be putting my bike back up on the shelf and still plan to get on it at least once a week.  Runners need to cross train, right??  The pool and I probably won’t be seeing much of each other though.  I’ll try to maintain my pool fitness with two swims a month (maybe, don’t hold me to that!) Between Wednesday and Sunday I went for five different runs.  I say ‘different runs’ because these five runs happened on three days.  Before I get into telling you about my runs I have to share this picture of the perfect ending to a day.  We have switched up our bedtime routine and now Brice falls asleep while snuggling with me on the couch.  This is working for us right now so we’re sticking with it.  Add in some Turtles to the baby snuggles and it’s the perfect way to end the day!!


My first run of the week, Wednesday (I took Monday and Tuesday off because I was feeling the race on Saturday plus we did about an 1:15 bike ride on Sunday) was a treadmill run.  I went to Sam’s right when I left work to go buy this fan that Colin told me he saw.  I really don’t know why we didn’t buy this thing at the beginning of the summer.  This thing made running on the treadmill in the middle of the day possible. Usually it’s just too darn hot in the garage and with no air flow it’s just unbearable.  I didn’t have long to run until it was time to go pick up Brice, but I was able to fit in 3.5 miles all around an 8:30 pace.  If I had more time I easily could have run another 1.5 – 2 miles.


My second run of the week was Saturday morning at a 5K trail race called the XC is Fun 5k.  Colin had to go out for a long bike ride that morning, but luckily we have the bestest friends and Kathryn came over to the house and watched Brice so I could go run.  I tried something new for this trail race, other than wearing my Brooks Cascadia’s which haven’t seen very much dirt.  This new thing, I think, is called running in a race for fun?  I’m not quite sure as I’ve never done that before. 🙂

IMG_5097 I didn’t do much of a warm up unless running my mouth with all the other local runners counts.  It was really fun to just get out there and run and not try to keep up with the leading ladies.  I only had one goal going into this race and it was to not bust my butt on any gravel, roots, or anything else we encountered on the course.  The race was held right before a local high school and middle school Cross Country meet so the course was in great shape.  The majority of the course was run on trail looking like this:

IMG_5101There were a few areas that were not so smooth like the ‘root canal’ and these steps in the next picture.  After the race I heard several people talking about getting lost and making wrong turns. I ran the whole thing with a guy that lives in our neighborhood and he knew the course very well from running it with his daughter who was racing later for her Cross Country team.  Because I just followed him, I didn’t even pay attention to the signs so I can’t really comment on the course markings.


My final time was 25:53 which means I averaged 8:20 per mile over the course.  The reason I originally wanted to run this race was because it was my first postpartum race in 2013, but last year it was a road race so I can’t compare the two.  I told Kathyrn I would pay her with breakfast for watching Brice 🙂 so I brought home some Chick fil a for the three of us.  I wanted something sweet so I got an order of their cinnamon clusters and I have no idea where Brice got the idea from to lick the wrapper clean.  His dad must have taught him that.

 IMG_5105 My third run for the week happened around 10:30 Saturday morning.  It was such a pretty day out I thought it would be a good idea for Brice and I to go to the park.  We loaded up the stroller with snacks and water and headed towards the park.  Instead of going straight there, I added in a little detour to make our trip about one mile instead of the ~.6 that it would have been if we headed straight there. IMG_5108

By the time we got to the park and I stopped to get Brice out of his stroller, this is how I found him.  The little booger passed out on me!  So instead of going to the park I just kept on running.  It was then that I noticed the Bob’s tires were very, very low so I headed home to pump them up.  Me pumping the tires woke Brice up so I just called it quits for the day.  I was able to get in a perfect 1.88 which was not planned but the numbers nerd in me loved that the 3.12 from earlier in the day plus the 1.88 gave me a perfect 5 for the day!IMG_5109 Colin had a long run (what’s new?) on the schedule for Sunday morning.  He got a little bit of a late start but that meant I got to tag along for part of it (run number four!)  He stopped by the house to refill his water bottle when he had about an hour left and I told him I would meet him at the park.  I was giving the whole take Brice to the park to play another shot.  This way Colin didn’t have to carry his water and could just swing by the park if/when he needed it.  That little speck far up the road is Colin.  Brice did not fall asleep this time so we were able to play play play for about 45 minutes.  I could feel it was starting to get pretty hot out so I decided it was time to get Brice home.  It was perfect timing because Colin only had 10 minutes left in his run so we ran home (plus a few extra loops) together.

IMG_5117 My trip to and from the park was only about 1.65 miles, but these were miles I wasn’t even planning on so those are always a bonus.  I had plans to go meet up with a group that were running 4 miles later in the evening but I got a little lazy.  I didn’t feel like driving the 15 minutes into town to just run 4 miles so I ran in the neighborhood (run number five!!)  It wasn’t the 4 miles I was being lazy about, but it was the 30 minute round trip that I didn’t feel like adding on to my run time!  My legs were feeling a little sluggish from running more than they are used to in a 2 day period but the run felt great.  I did my 4 miles just shy of 35 minutes and average 8:43/mile and had negative splits.  This last weekend put my 12 weeks out from my next half marathon (Savannah Rock n Roll!) so it’s time to start picking up the distance.  I’m still planning on taking the Rock n Roll as a B race with my eyes on our annual Jax Bank Half Marathon at the end of the year being my A race.  I’m excited to see the miles starting to add up.  I’m going to share my training plan for the rest of the year in the next few days when I can get it all laid out.  You may have seen this picture on my Instagram, but it depicts just how much fun we had at the park I have to share again!


What is your fall racing schedule looking like?

Assuming you have perfect running weather all day long, what is your favorite time of day to run?


7 responses to “Not 1, not 3, but 5!

  1. I have the utmost respect to motherrunners who push strollers. Y’all know you’re getting a good workout. Nice 5k times too! Nice work bri!

    • WIth a good stroller it’s not as hard as it looks, at least with a single stroller. I can’t really imagine running with a double stroller, it’s definitely a good workout.

  2. Pushing a stroller while running terrifies me. Too much work. I think I might have actually seen Bryce on a motorcycle in Chicago (I found Waldo. He lives here). I love the Brooks Cascadias–pretty and functional and tough as nails–like you!
    I like mid morning, unless it is a looooong run, then a little earlier.

    • haha I want to see Brice on a motorcycle! I like your Cascadia’s analogy 🙂 You could push a stroller and run! It slows you down but with a good stroller it’s not that bad.

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