WIAW- My two favorites

I think this WIAW thing is going to be sticking around for a while.  I love being able to share some of the things I eat during the week because I enjoy seeing what other people eat.  Even if I don’t make the same meal as what I saw, it gives me ideas and keeps things from getting boring.  This edition of WIAW is going to be about my two favorite meals sine last Wednesday.  Also, once again I am linking up with Jenn this week!WIAWbutton

Last week we had some friends over for dinner, but you want to know the best part??  We didn’t do any of the cooking.  Our friend Lee, who pretty much could be a professional chef, took care of all the cooking.  I raved about his cooking a few months ago when he cooked dinner for us at the beach.  This time he cooked us some Red Snapper that was from our fishing trip, and his cooking is as good as I remembered it being!  The amazing thing with his cooking is that he makes all of his own sauces, dressings, and marinades AND he uses as healthy of ingredients as possible.  I want to hire him to come cook all of our meals.IMG_5080This meal is what we called Asian inspired.   In addition to the Red Snapper, which was marinated in a teriyaki style sauce and then grilled, we had oven roasted asparagus, Jasmine rice with diced onions and bell peppers, the most amazing Asian slaw you’ll ever have, and grilled pineapple.  Let’s just say there were very little leftovers, and what was left was eaten for lunch the next day!  This is one of those meals that is not only delicious but you know it’s healthy so you feel good after eating it.
IMG_5081 The picture from above is what my plate looked like before I started eating.  However, before I was able to take a bite two very adorable toddlers decided they wanted to come sit with me.  The mess you see below is what was remaining when they decided they were done and wanted to continue playing. IMG_5082The next meal (it was actually two meals, but the same ingredients done different ways) is what I cooked for dinner Monday and then remade last night.  I had been in the mood for a fajita taco salad, so when we went to the store I made sure to pick up all the necessary ingredients.  I started out by  slicing up a red and green pepper and half of a white onion. I then threw them into the cast iron skillet to saute them. DSCN4016While my peppers and onions were cooking I realized I didn’t buy all the necessary ingredients because I had forgotten to get salsa!!  I improved by dicing up some of the fresh tomatoes we had received from our weekly fruit/veggie delivery and adding to that some finely diced red onion, lime juice, salt, and garlic powder.  I let that sit in the fridge so the flavors could really blend while I cooked the chicken.  Once everything was all ready I chopped up about half a head of lettuce, layered the onion/pepper mixture then the chicken, and topped it with my salsa, guacamole and some plain yogurt (tastes like sour cream!)  Oh yeah and since I had some Skinny Girl Margarita in the fridge, I had to have some to go with my Mexican themed salad.DSCN4018Instead of eating his in the form of a salad, Colin made lettuce wraps where he took a big piece of lettuce and rolled up all the ingredients inside.  Same meal, different way of eating it. 🙂 I think I could eat Mexican food almost every night.  Last night since I still had some peppers left I thought what I could do differently and I tried to replicate a Chipotle burrito bowl.  This go-round I cooked some rice and made a corn salsa.  For the corn salsa, I drained a can of corn, quartered half a pint of cherry tomatoes, diced up about a quarter of a red onion, then added lime juice and a few seasonings.  I’ve told you before, I don’t measure things, I just throw things in until it tastes right.

DSCN4021For this one I just replaced the lettuce with rice, and replace my homemade ‘salsa’ with the corn salsa.  After this picture was taken I actually added some lettuce to the top, but I wanted to be able to show what all was in there before burying it with lettuce.  They were all delicious, but I think I could easily get used to someone coming to my house and cooking for me all of the time.  Any takers? 😉


What is your favorite ethnicity of food to eat?

Avocado/guacamole- love it or hate it?


19 responses to “WIAW- My two favorites

    • If you consider pizza as Italian, it’s one of my favorites too! 🙂 I won’t make you pick because I don’t think I could either!

  1. OH man, that’s like hawaiian on a plate! You ever tried grilled pineapples with sprinkled chili lime seasoning on it?! Mouthwatering. Guac! yes please…almost on everything… solid good fat!

    • There aren’t many things that guac/avocado don’t go with! Heck, I’ll eat it by itself! Ooo man chili lime seasoning sounds awesome on grilled pineapple. I’ll have to try that next time! Do you make your own seasoning or can I find that somewhere?

  2. Wow, the red snapper and entire dinner looks awesome!! I just start eating avocado about a year ago and now I’m addicted. It is so good and is the best topper for salads or tacos, which leads me to my Mexican food obsession as of late!

    • I agree about avocado being the best topper! If we go eat somewhere and there is avocado in the dish, that is probably what I’ll get!

  3. You know me, I mix and match everything. Call me cosmopolitan 😀 I love red snapper, and pineapple, and I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like a good corn salsa. They literally cannot be trusted.

    • haha that is a fancy way to look at it. Cosmopolitan- I like it! For real, if you have something against corn salsa, then they just have their priorities all out of order!

  4. That looks so good! 😀 I love grilled pineapple! My favorite genres of food (heh) would probably have to be Japanese and Thai. (+ Korean BBQ…and Italian…and HK street snacks…) ilikealotofthings.

    I would be a pretty happy camper if I had a limitless supply of avocados/guacamole for the rest of my life, hahaha.

    • Food is just too good to have to pick one kind!! I do love my Japanese food. Teriyaki sauce has a dear place in my heart! I tried to convince my husband to plant an avocado tree in the backyard, but he just didn’t seem to like that idea.

    • Oooo Shawarma. I practically lived off of Doner Kebabs when I was studying abroad in Germany! Tuna or salmon sashimi are always a good pick in my book! Your comment is making me drool just thinking about those two foods!

    • Thanks Heidi!! Your little boy is too cute, too! It’s hard to remember when Brice was that little. 😦

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