WIAW- Food with Friends

The last several days have been rather busy and I really want to share the million pictures I took this weekend, but since it is Wednesday, I feel I need to talk about food!  Thanks to Jenn for hosting us every week!


I’ll bombard you with pictures tomorrow but today is all about food!  Food- I love it and eating it with friends makes it even better!!  I have seen several different posts over the last few months about grilled pizza.  Grilled things are good and pizza is awesome so the idea of combining the two must be amazing!!  So when I got this text last week I couldn’t say no.

IMG_5172We went over to Matt’s do make pizza on the Big Green Egg.  He has the pizza stone so we figured it would be all easy and wonderful and rainbow and butterflies.  I knew we would be hungry getting our pizzas together so I made some eggplant fries to eat as an appetizer.

DSCN4038Wellll things didn’t get off to a great start.  We both bought our dough from the same store (I really want to try to make my own but I just didn’t have enough time) and I think so of it was a dud.  Not enough yeast?  I’m really not sure but Colin tried his best to get the dough all worked up.


The first one stuck pretty badly to the plate, so luckily we had extra dough.  The boys took one more out to put on the grill and when it came back it still didn’t look very normal.  Oh, we were grilling the dough for a few minutes on each side first and then adding the toppings.  For some reason no matter how hard we tried to make these be thin crust pizzas the dough wouldn’t get flat and they ended up being more regular thickness.


This was the first pizza to be completed on the Big Green Egg.  You can see it is very much NOT thin crust.  After this crust came back in and Kathryn and I were starting to think we need to look up Papa Johns’ number so we could have dinner I decided to put one in the oven.  This was a pizza challenge after all and I wanted mine to be the best. 🙂


Brice was really excited about our pizza and he kept checking on it for me.  For my pizza I made a pesto sauce then layered it with thinly sliced tomatoes, prosciutto, and then topped it with fresh mozzarella. Yep, it was delicious!!  All of the pizzas were eaten but there were a few things we would have combined about the pizzas.  The second one that was done on the Green Egg had a good crust, but to be honest the smoky flavor that comes from the Egg is not my favorite.  Maybe this is just a Green Egg thing and not how all grilled pizzas are??  We couldn’t end the night on a savory note so I made a dessert pizza!!  Homemade nutella topped with fresh strawberries.  Yup, I made a chocolate hazelnut butter and it’s delicious.


Our other meal with friends was last night at our house.  We went with the theme of all the veggies!  If you can’t pick one just eat them all!

photo 1


We also had come chicken thighs and legs (done in the oven then crisped up on the grill), rice with peppers and onions, and then some roasted potatoes and a mystery ingredient.

photo 2

This mystery ingredient came in our weekly delivery of fruit and veggies.  I know it’s of the pumping (squash/gourd??) family.  Something else I knew was that any roasted is good so that’s why I just chopped it up and threw it in the oven.  The texture was similar to a sweet potato and it had a pumpkiny/butternut squash flavor.  This is what the mystery ingredient looked like whole, so if you can tell me what I had for dinner last night I’ll greatly appreciate it!!

photo 3

Have you ever cooked with an ingredient that you had no idea what it was?

How often do you eat dinner with friends? 


8 responses to “WIAW- Food with Friends

    • For some reason I didn’t even make that connection, but I LOVE Chopped, too!! I think that’s part of the reason I enjoy getting our ‘mystery ingredients’ every week!

    • Yumm! I’ve had celeriac at a restaurant before but I doubt I would recognize it if it showed up at my door!

  1. Big Green Eggs remind me of our lake house–our neighbors and good friends had one, and many good memories from that. Maybe you gourd squash mabob was just taking after your pizza!

  2. Haha! that first pizza looked horrible, lol! I didn’t know what a green egg was. I had to google it… and when I saw it, I remember we had one when I was like 5! (so that would almost be 36 years ago) =)

    • haha no it didn’t look the best, but it did taste just fine! Well, not as good as mine, of course. 🙂 I think I’ll be sticking with steaks on the Green Egg from now on though.

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