Thoughtless Thursday- Better late than never

We have been having major internet issues around here and it has been driving me crazy!  I have actually woken up early or made time throughout the day to get a couple of posts written and then I start and the internet goes out.  This is about my 5th attempt to just throw this thing together!  So to keep things quick so I get it done while the internet is working I’ll limit my rambling and get to the pictures.  I was planning on participating in a link up today but instead I’m going to stick with my randomness.  Today I will be rambling on about last weekend. Actually I’m going to start with Thursday through Sunday.

On Thursday, Brice had his 18 month check up.  He had to get one last vaccination and now he’s all done!!  He weighed in at 25 lbs 2 oz and is 34″ tall.  In a year and a half he has tripled in weight and grown 13 inches!!! He’s tall and lean because he’s in the 88th percentile for height but only 31st for weight.

IMG_5167 Because he’s so skinny and he got shots I thought he needed to have a little treat when we got home. 🙂  Moose Tracks Frozen Yogurt makes everything better!

IMG_5166Nothing very eventful happened on Friday and we had a quiet night at home because Saturday was a BUSY day! Colin left the house around 6:30 to go for his crazy long bike ride and I had full intentions of waking up early to get on the treadmill to get my run in.  That didn’t happen.  Brice had climbed into our bed at some point and was just way too cuddly.  I still wanted to run so when we did get up I made him a portable breakfast that he could eat in the stroller.  Oatmeal and then a banana in the food processor in the oven for about 8 minutes at 350 to make “cookies.”



If I could pick only one word to describe Saturday I would use scorching.  Brice and I made it 5 miles but it was a run/walk effort and I averaged 10:00 min/mile.  The good thing about having the stroller was that I could easily carry a big bottle of ice water with me because it was needed!

stroller run

Brice was trying to get loose because the neighbors dog was outside and he wanted to play.  After the run we had just enough time to get ready to get over to Brice’s BFF’s 2nd birthday party!!  I seriously can’t get enough of these boys.  They had so much fun playing together. IMG_5182[1]

 DSCN4074 DSCN4077 Yes, he his holding Brice’s water bottle so he can drink it! It was hot and he knew he needed to hydrate! After the Birthday party we headed home (the party was in our neighborhood so it was pretty convenient!) and it was pretty clear that Brice was tired! We then had some friends over to watch the South Africa rugby game and we threw some steaks on the grill.  Best steak I have had in a VERY long time.IMG_5196[1]DSCN4081

Then it was time to head to our friends’ 30th birthday party.  It was a great night of catching up with friends, live music (of the professional and karaoke kind) and terrible quality pictures.IMG_5200[1] IMG_5202[1]By the time we picked Brice up from our friend’s house where the babysitter was watching the boys, it was after midnight when we got home.  My bedtime is usually around 9pm so staying up this late had me absolutely exhausted on Sunday.  We were rather lazy that morning and made a delicious breakfast and then Colin had a trainer ride on the schedule.  Brice used to always want to go touch Colin’s bike when he was riding but he finally learned that is not safe so he just rides his own bike around the house instead! Or colors.


IMG_5211[1] IMG_5208[1]Then Sunday afternoon a trip was made to Target and this happened.  Things are about to get interesting in our house.


Best, healthy, on-the-go breakfast?

How do you order/cook your steak?  Medium-rare, medium, or over cooked?


11 responses to “Thoughtless Thursday- Better late than never

    • I forget that John Deere tractors aren’t an every day thing in the rest of the US! There was much more bacon consumed than pictured.

  1. That cake is too much. So is that picture of Bryce on his bike with Colin on his. Amazing. My fave on the go bfast is my usual bfast (englishmuffin + pb and jam) and greek yogurt with stuff in it. Also love cottage cheese with almond milk and cereal. But I would be happy to have you make me a frittata

    • I need to get some cottage cheese. I go through phases with it and it’s been awhile since I had it! Whatever his dad does, Brice has to do it too! I’ll make you a frittata if you make me some muffins! 🙂

    • Haha that sounds like my normal breakfast in the mornings!! Oatmeal out of a cup isn’t ideal.

  2. That is the cutest cake ever! I feel you on the internet issues. My internet has been so slow lately! It takes forever just to load a picture. I feel like I’m back in the days of dial-up or something. Oh, the struggle.

    • I loved the cake too, there were tractors everywhere! I think dial up was faster than what I’ve been dealing with!!

    • Right now we’re just trying to get him used to sitting on it. They don’t potty train in his current room at daycare so it would be hard to really start now, but we want to introduce him to it!

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