Taking care of myself

When it comes to injuries, I have been very fortunate.  There was an instance when I was having pain in my butt/lower back but that was just extreme muscle tightness that some good cycling and stretching made go away.  I know some people do not so smart things that end up getting them hurt, but others seem to do everything by the book and still seem to get hurt.  I have been reading about far too many foot injuries lately that may have me a little paranoid.

I have been running in my Mizuno Wave Rider’s for about 9 or 10 weeks and they have been the perfect shoe for me.  However, I did start having a little pain in my foot that started two weeks ago.  I didn’t increase my mileage by much and didn’t do anything that would have caused an injury, but the pain started the day after I ran my trail 5k while wearing my Brooks Cascadias.

IMG_5097The pain started on the outside of my left big toe and kind of felt like I just needed to pop it.  You know that feeling when you have a joint that is stiff and then it pops and you feel better?  That’s what it felt like.  The next day the tightness had moved further down into my foot into the arch and middle of my foot.  This was a new feeling to me.  All that next week my lacrosse ball was my best friend.  I had it with me all of the time and while I sat at my desk I used it to roll my foot out.

IMG_5143Rolling it out like this really did help make it feel better, but the was still a little bit of pain right in the middle of my foot that I just couldn’t quite work out.  By the time Friday rolled around and there was still some pain there I knew just what would fix it!


The bonus is now my toes actually look (somewhat) presentable when I wear sandals.  After getting the pedicure/extra massage the pain in the middle of my foot went away completely.  I didn’t do very much running that week and did a lot of yoga/stretching because I really didn’t want to do anymore damage until I could figure out what was causing the pain.  When I did my 5 mile stroller run last weekend it felt great, well more importantly I didn’t feel it!  As runners I think we know our bodies pretty well and know when to push through the pain and when we need to pull it back.  Since I didn’t have any pain on Saturday I thought I was good to go.  So Monday afternoon I went for a run in the hilliest neighborhood in town.  That was another perfect run!  The weather was cooler, I was feeling great, and I was able to get 4.5 miles in without even thinking about my foot.

Tuesday was a different story.  It was as if the pain had come full circle and was back to hurting on the outside of my toe.  I begged Colin to try to massage it but once he started I knew that it wasn’t a certain muscle that needed to be worked out.  Plus a little someone didn’t like the fact that we were both sitting still and a horsey ride was needed.

IMG_5222 IMG_5224The pain is hard to describe because it doesn’t hurt constantly, it doesn’t hurt to just walk, and looking at my foot it looks normal.  Well as normal as my foot looked in the first place.  I attempted to go for a run Wednesday night with Colin.  He had a 45 minute run on the schedule and I quickly fell behind.  I did the 15 minute warm up (Colin’s warm up, more effort from me) and then I knew I needed to walk.  I was able to do the whole 45 minutes but I was doing it as 1.5 minute walk, 3.5 minute run.  That night I had Colin try to pop it again and he did pull and wiggle it a little bit and I felt something in my toe sort of pop and it made it feel SOOO much better.  Unfortunately, the next morning it was rather stiff.  I’m still trying to figure out exactly what it is.  The pain isn’t unbearable but I don’t want for it to become something bad that could have been prevented.  Dr. Google says it’s a bunion, gout, or turf toe but I’m not so convinced.  I’m still running but listening to the pain and letting my toe tell me when I need to back off.  One theory of mine is that my Mizuno’s have corrected the way my foot lands so that part of my foot is adjusting to having more impact than normal. (??) I was landing more on the outside of my left foot but the Mizuno’s have corrected that.  Basically, at this point I’m being very optimistic and not thinking it’s anything major, but we shall see!

Have you ever experience pain in the outside of your big toe/joint? What was it for you?

What part of your body do you usually get the most aches and pains from running?

Are you injury prone?

6 responses to “Taking care of myself

    • I don’t think it’s sesamoiditis because it’s more on the side. I was able to run comfortably this weekend but then it hurt the next day! Still trying to figure it out. 😦

    • Thanks! It is annoying to not know exactly what it is, but it’s feeling better with some rest so I hope this does the trick.

  1. You poor thing! I’m sorry to hear this, but I’m glad th you are being super proactive about it. I had some foot problems this spring (in April and May), and I will say that it is pretty common for things to migrate around from one to the next (ie my winter of injuries). I really hope that you get some answers, and soon!

    • I have big race plans for the fall so I don’t want some silly pain to sideline me for the rest of the year! I hope it’s an isolated thing and doesn’t start moving around!

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