Labor Day weekend recap

Lots of pictures and few words.  For real his time.  Thursday night started with a sick baby who needed lots of snuggles.  Unfortunately, this sick baby hung around the whole weekend.20140902-084715.jpg

Hanging out with Biv while we wait to order our food.  He sure was sa trooper for not feeling well!20140902-084737.jpg

South African restaurant in Savannah with AMAZING food!



Not a bad spot to sit and have lunch.


He finally passed out so we just had to keep on walking.  Probably walked 3-4 miles Saturday morning.20140902-084827.jpg

Oh hey, Horseys!20140902-084840.jpg

This is delicious, and gluten free!  Just watching some football with the guys.20140902-084851.jpg

Heading out to do the Savannah Century!


Check out that humidity.  Yep, 100% humidity at 7:21 am.


Seen on my run.  I miss this place.  Check out my other picture on Instagram from what I saw on my run!20140902-085255.jpg

#supersweatselfie.  5 pain free miles around my parents neighborhood!  When I went back inside Brice said ‘oooo wet.”20140902-085311.jpg

Quick shower and we headed back downtown to see Colin finish up the Century!  I keep picking on Colin and saying that it was not a race, but we all know that to us, everything is a race. 🙂  Colin finished with the lead group of guys which would have made him top 7 of the whole ride!!  They averaged 23 mph over the 100 miles!!!20140902-085321.jpg

It felt like 100+ degrees by this point so we took a quick picture to “capture the moment” then quickly had to find some food and AC. 20140902-085338.jpg

Nice butt number 701. 20140902-085350.jpg

After lunch and nap time we headed out on the boat!  Brice was FINALLY starting to feel better, and what’s more healing than some salty air?  Nothing!!  I was much more excited to be out there than my face shows.20140902-085412.jpg

One of the best parts was seeing this pod of dolphins!!  There were 8-10 of them together and they were so close to the boat.  Trying to spot dolphins is one of my favorite parts of being out on the water.20140902-085424.jpg

Another highlight of the trip was seeing this little guy on the boat.  He HATED his life jacket at first but once he got used to it (or realized it wasn’t coming off) he had a blast! Yes, those are pink straps on the life jacket but #1 it was the last one they had left in his size in this style and #2 who cares?!  Boys can rock pink, too.20140902-085439.jpg

Sadly, the weekend was over too quickly and it was time to head home.  We had some delicious eats (coming at you tomorrow!) and other than Brice not feeling great it was a very successful weekend in many ways.  I hope everyone else had a wonderful long weekend!!

Did you have to work yesterday?

Highlight of your Labor Day weekend?


4 responses to “Labor Day weekend recap

  1. I tell you– I love SA food. Need to find some. I love all of these pictures–dolphins, your sun, good ole classic GA humidity (even when it is 73 degrees), cidre (not cider!), horses!, your son getting back to himself….—busy weekend, but full of awesomeness. My weekend was chill but Sunday was full–friends, running, races, brunch, sun, chatting, cooking, couch sitting…. goodness 😀

  2. Great job on your race. I think it was hot everywhere in the country this weekend. We shouldn’t be complaining, soon enough it’ll be cold and we will be missing summer. I love the city of Savannah. Great food and culture.

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