Rest of the year in running

I know this may seem a little redundant because I posted an update two months ago, but I just found out one of my planned races has been cancelled and that gave me a panicked feeling.  I was going to replace it with a little 5k this weekend but now that has been cancelled, too!!  What is going on?  I think it’s for lack of participation which makes me a little sad.  People put all that effort into organizing races only to have not enough people sign up.  I think it’s a sign of over saturation.  Anyway here are the races and recaps of the 9 races I have done so far this year.

Can’t remember the name of this 5k

Dosta Dash 10k

Run for the nurses Half Marathon

Run the Ridge 5k

Memorial Day 5k

Valdosta 5k

July 19- Jax Tri Series #2 Sprint

Aug 9 – Jax Tri Series #3 Sprint

Aug 16 – XC is Fun 5k

I have already signed up for my next race which will be the day before Colin’s Ironman up in Chattanooga.  I was looking at the race website this week and it has me nervous.  I’m doing the 10k option of the Raccoon Mountain Road Race and the course is going to be pretty killer for this girl who only has flat land to run on!  This is from the race website:

Course Description: Races begin and end at Laurel Point on top of Raccoon Mountain.  For both 5k & 10K, there is a climb to the reservoir in the first mile and corresponding downhill in the last mile. The 10K course makes one loop around the reservoir, with a gradual hill between mile 1.5 and 2.25 and a challenging hill beginning at mile 3.2.  10K is flat or downhill after 3.65 mile mark. The 5K run is an out and back course. There will be water stations on both courses. All participants must complete the 5k or 10k course within 90 minutes.

All of the uses of hill/climb/challenging make me sweating already.  Plus I then looked at the course on Map My Run and I got even more nervous.  The good news is that the second half is flat or downhill and the weather should feel AMAZING! The forecast for Chattanooga has been consistently 10 degrees cooler than it has been here.  The next race on my schedule is also a hilly one!  The Peachtree City 15k is in the middle of October, and last year was a great race!  This year they are doing something new where you can do the 5k and then also the 15k if you finish the 5k within 30 minutes.  Soooo if I do both does that count as two races?? 🙂  I’m going to go ahead and answer my question and say no.  I’ll most likely throw in a 5k race sometime between now and the end of the year to get to 14.

The last two races on the schedule are the Savannah Rock n Roll half marathon and the Jax Bank half marathon.  At this point Jax Bank is my A race and I’m doing the Rock n Roll to have fun and as a good long training run.  This leads me into what I’m using for my training plan for the rest of the year….

Several months ago I bought the book Run Less, Run Faster and slowly made my way through it.  In a nutshell, the idea is to do three quality runs a week.  You do speed work, a tempo run, and a long run.  In addition to the three runs, you do two cross training days each week.  Their suggested cross training is either cycling, rowing, or swimming.  The book breaks out exactly what paces and should do each of the runs based on a recent 5k, 10k, or half marathon time.  The lifesaver for me is the app I just found!!  It has made figuring out the workouts so simple.  My training plan is based off of my 5k PR of 23:16 so some of the training sessions are intimidating, but I know I can do it!

I was planning on taking the month of September easy and then really start my training in October which would put me 12 weeks out from the Jax Bank.  This changed when I bought the app and entered my race date and it had it setup to do a 16 week training plan which started Monday!  I took this as a sign and have already done the first two runs for this training plan.  I think this training plan is going to be great for me because three runs a week is kind of my sweet spot and it gives me workouts to be able to stay in the pool and on my bike.  I’m really looking forward to the rest of my training this fall and to see how it all comes together at the end of the year!

How long do you typically train for a race?

What is your favorite training plan?

4 responses to “Rest of the year in running

  1. We lost a big race here in AZ as well. It was the womens series half marathon. It was the first half marathon I ever did in 2011. And I did it last year too. It’s a big loss! There are some very sad people who got the cancellation email yesterday.

  2. I make up my own plans, based on when I want to start running and when the race is. Anything called Raccoon Mountain has to be good. I mean raccoons are involved. I hope someone is in costume.

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