Mommy Track Fitness Review + GIVEAWAY

I just want to start out by saying that I fully intended to have this review up yesterday morning, but then Brice deduced 3:30am was the perfect time to throw up.  That kept me awake for a while because I was too paranoid to fall back asleep so when 5 am rolled around and I had just dosed off, I needed that extra hour of sleep.  It’s times like these that make what you are about to read even more awesome.

Through my affiliation with Girls Gone Sporty, I was given the opportunity to participate in two beta test classes hosted by Mommy Track Fitness.  Mommy Track Fitness (MTF) is a website full of exercise programs, blog posts, fitness events, and other resources, MTF empowers women who desire to begin, continue, or reinvent their fitness routine to incorporate being fit in their demanding schedules.

VMTF_Vertical_MDSo you read that description and thought to yourself “well, I’m not a mom nor even a woman!” doesn’t matter.  Are you a busy individual who enjoys a good workout, especially in the comfort of your own home?  Then keep reading.  When I initially heard about online, in home workout classes I got excited.  I love working out at home, but it’s so easy to just skip parts of a work out DVD that you don’t’ feel like doing at that moment.  With MT Fit, you have a live instructor just as if you were in a group fitness class at a gym.  All you need is a laptop/tablet/smart phone (yes, you literally can do these classes from anywhere with an internet connection), a yoga mat, and possibly resistance bands and free weights.  It did take a little initial setup to get the program running, but it was super easy.  You’ll have to create an account to sign up for the classes and then download the Zoom plug-in, and then you are in!  Once you have signed up for the class of your choice, you will receive a confirmation email with your class meeting ID that you will enter into the Zoom program, and then you are connected to your class.  Below you can see the general setup of what the class looks like.  The instructor is the largest window on the screen, but you can also see your fellow classmates while they exercise.


The two classes that I got to participate in were Cardio Fit and Tabata Max, both were 30 minutes in length.  Cardio Fit was Tuesday morning, and this class kicked my booty.  Colin was out running while I was taking the class so you are stuck with a self timer picture.  This was a full body workout that left my glutes sore the next morning.  The workout consisted of low and high impact cardio drills with some strength training.  Everything went very smooth on the first morning and it was very nice to wake up and get a good sweat in the comfort of my living room.

DSCN4098  Thursday morning was the Tabata Max class.  If you are not familiar with the Tabata training method it is 4-minute intervals that consists of 20 seconds of intense exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest.  In this workout we did everything from burpees to planks. We worked our bodies from top to bottom and got another great workout in.  Colin was home this morning so I asked him to take some pictures and this is what happens when you ask your husband to take a picture of you working out, full on butt shot.  I probably would have been better off with the self timer again!

DSCN4117 Thursday morning was the perfect example of why these classes work for someone like me.  When I woke up to get dressed and ready for the class, Brice also woke up.  No matter how hard I tried he would not stay asleep and he only wanted to be with me, so this left me with 2 minutes to finish getting ready and get logged in to the class.  We were able to console him with some cereal and Mickey Mouse, so all ended well.  If I had been trying to get to a class at a gym I would have 1. looked like a hot mess (I got dressed in the dark and put on the first things I grabbed)  2. not have made it on time and 3. not have been completely dressed (I put my shoes on after the first set.)  IMG_5440

Alexandra, the founder of MT Fit, was such a great instructor.  She showed us way to modify moves to make them easier or allowed us to do certain moves at a faster rate to make them more challenging.  She herself is a busy mom and fitness enthusiast who missed teaching group fitness so she came up with the idea of Mommy Track Fitness.  At this time, the classes are limited but that will grow as interest grows.  The schedule is a 6:00am Tuesday morning Cardio Fusion class and a 8:30pm Thursday night Tabata Max class.  There will also be a class offered at 9:30am on Saturdays, but I am not sure which one that will be yet.  In the future there will also be a Sculpt and Define class and both a prenatal and post natal program for mothers.

The class rates are listed below.  The more classes you buy, the cheaper they get.  Also, they are offering a few introductory specials of buy one class, get on free or 10% off of a class package.  When you take into consideration the cost of a gym membership, the gas used to travel to your gym, the time wasted traveling to and from a class, or even having to pay a babysitter to watch your kids while you go to a class- these rates are very affordable!

ratesNow the part that you have all been waiting for.  I am getting to give one of you the chance to try out a Mommy Track Fitness of your choice!!  The giveaway will be open until 11:59pm EST September 28th (aka Colin’s Ironman!!!!) The winner will be announced September 30th during the Twitter Virtual Launch Party #virtualmtfit.  Also, go here and here to increase your chance of winning a free Mommy Track Fitness class!
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Disclosure: I was able to take the two classes free of charge in exchange for a genuine review.  I was not composed in any other manner, and all thoughts are my own!


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