Friday Favorites

I’ve never done a Friday Favorites post but I was sitting here I thought about several things lately that have made me very happy.

-Not having a stomach bug.  You don’t really appreciate being in good health until you’re not.  It has been years since I’ve thrown up (I didn’t even get sick when I was pregnant) but I think last night made up for that.  For anyone trying to lose weight, who needs those silly wrap things when the stomach bug is excellent at dropping a few pounds overnight.  (please pick up on the sarcasm there) This will probably be my diet for the day.

IMG_5501 ‘[

-Getting my hair done.  It had been just about two months since I had gotten my hair done, and that was just too long.  When I got home from getting it done yesterday I asked Colin if he could tell any difference and his response was “it looks lighter!”  Wrong answer 🙂  I got some lowlights added in to make it more Fall-like.  Looking at my eye from this picture yesterday, I should have known I was getting sick.


-Apple chips from Fresh Market.  We don’t have a Fresh Market here but there is one a little over an hour south of us, and Colin goes there for work occasionally.  He had lunch with his coach at my favorite restaurant which is right down the road from Fresh Market so he was smart and brought me an entire bag home.  This bag was full before I got my hands on it.


-New running shoes.  When I heard that the Wave Rider 18s were coming out I knew that meant the 17s were going to be going on sale.  I got a $10 off coupon, plus I’m a VIP member, and they were on sale so I was able to get these beauties for less than $70 from Road Runner Sports.


-The fact that Colin’s Ironman is 10 days away.  This means we can start obsessing over the weather, which it currently says a high of 82.  That would be amazing considering he has been training in weather in the mid to upper 90s!  It also means the end is in sight and I’ll finally have my husband back!!


-Brice having friends that he can grow up with.  We also really like his parents too so that is always a bonus. 🙂  It has been so fun to see these two grow over the last year that they’ve been buddies!


I’m linking up with these two lovely ladies today!

 Fri_Favs_thumb1 Friday-Favorites-Button-Housewife-Glamour


What is one thing you have been loving this past week?

14 responses to “Friday Favorites

    • You are too kind! I did read your comment on Friday while I thought I was dying and it made me smile. 6 days later and I’m finally on the mend…

  1. >>> It also means the end is in sight and I’ll finally have my husband back!! <<< I think my significant other would concur with this statement =). You need a great support system in this sport!

    • You sure do!! He’ll have to repay me if I decide to run a marathon! I’m looking forward to not having to plan our weekends around training though!

  2. Aw, I hope you feel better soon! Love the Mizuno Wave Rider 17 running shoes! They are currently in my rotation of shoes for half training. Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for linking up! ❤

    • Thanks for host in! I love the 17s so much I MAY have bought another pair after these came in. 😉

  3. I love those lowlights! I see what he’s saying though haha lowlights make the bright parts of your hair pop! And I haven’t had the stomach flu or a bug since freshman year of high school but I remember it being the worst two days ever. Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself…

    • When you put it that way I guess I can’t get mad at him for not telling the difference. 🙂 I hope you didn’t jinx yourself either, it has not been fun!! Thanks for stopping by!

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