So my husband signed up for an Ironman- Thinking Out Loud

Over a year ago, September 4th to be exact, I signed Colin up for Ironman Chattanooga. I posted a picture on Instagram and jokingly added #whathaveigottenmyselfinto. Oh boy, if I had only known!! I knew what it took to train for half Ironman, but a full is a-whole-nother ball game. So if your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancé/mom/dad/brother/sister/cousin/grandma/friend/neighbor just signed up for an Ironman go ahead and kiss them goodbye and you’ll see them during taper week.


-Saturday mornings will be spent alone. The majority of Colin’s longest training days were Saturdays because that’s just when most people can ride several hours. The first few weeks weren’t so bad but they quickly escalated to where he was doing 4, 5, or 6 hours of training.

-Your nights will end early. Friday night? Have to make sure he’s well rested for Saturdays training. Saturday nights? Well, he’s going to be exhausted from training all morning.

-Your social life will include things like Bike Washing Parties.


-So much laundry! All those training sessions produce a lot of sweat which makes a lot of dirty clothes. It’s not just the quantity though; most of it can’t go in the dryer so we have to hang it all over the place.

-I’ve come to loathe sports bottles. I feel like no scrubber brush is long enough to really get in all the little divets. I’ve tried the cleaning tablets and those didn’t work. Maybe it’s just two bottles in particular that I hate and they probably will be thrown away after this weekend. We really need to buy some Clean Bottles.

-There will be triathlon stuff everywhere. A whole shelf for supplements, a whole drawer for water bottles, a whole dresser drawer for spandex, a whole room for bikes and bike things…. EVERYWHERE!

-Your child will see a cyclist on the road and point and say “Bike! Dad’s bike!”


-You will have to put up with ridiculous things like so:


-If you want to have some alone time with them, you better be prepared to lace up your running shoes or jump on a bike!


Everything I have said is true to my experience. Have I exaggerated some? Maybe. Training for an Ironman is no joke. We are very fortunate in that Colin doesn’t work your standard 9-5 and was able to fit in some of his training while others would still be at work. I understand that some people do the races without putting as much time and effort as Colin has, but those people are going to be eating his dust this weekend! It may sound like I’m complaining (because I probably am a little) but I never made that known to Colin. He has never once sacrificed family during this time. If Brice or I needed him for anything, he was there. Throughout this whole process I have been his number one cheerleader and have pushed him to train to his full capabilities, so I’m partially to blame for this madness. After all, I am the one that raced the clock to sign him up. I know I’m not going to be the one physically dogging it out over the 144.6 miles (the bike course is 4 miles long to have the safest course possible) but my heart, soul, and emotions will 100% be out there on that course. I can’t help but get a little emotional as the big day draws near. I absolutely cannot wait to see him cross that finish line this weekend and hear the announcer tell him the he IS an Ironman.

I’m linking up with Amanda again today!


Has anyone close to you done an Ironman?
What are some things you learned/realized while training for a race (of any kind) that you did not know beforehand?

7 responses to “So my husband signed up for an Ironman- Thinking Out Loud

  1. This is fantastic. My one question is this: what are you all going to do with all the stuff once he’s done/??
    Brice and I would have epic bike washing parties, let me tell you.

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