A running update with some weekend fun

I’m going to start with the weekend fun and then get to the running stuff.  My mom was here this weekend so for parts of it I got to be what I like to call ‘off duty’ and get out and do some things kid free!  Colin and I kicked the weekend off right by having a lunch date and doing some furniture shopping before we picked Brice up from school.  The rest of the evening was spent at home with a lot of our time spent building tents.  Brice gets so incredibly excited to build a tent that we just can’t say no when he asks!  I think it is a staple for all childhoods, and I know I built plenty when I was little!

IMG_5880[1]Yeah, this was the best family tent photo I could get.  And PS- It was Pajama Day at Brice’s school so it’s not like we didn’t change his clothes all day…. not that he sometimes doesn’t stay in PJs all day on the weekend… Anyway.  Saturday was a busy busy day for us.  It started with a us sort of getting to sleep in and starting our run at 8 am instead of the typical 6:30am.  Colin and I actually got to run together, but more on that later.  Then after our run we got ready and headed down to this place called Raisin’ Cane.  This time of the year they have a corn maze, farm animals, and all sorts of other fun things for the kids to play with.  They also have a store that sells delicious homemade jams and jellies, pickled veggies, cakes, casseroles, and fresh produce.  Our friend and her precious daughter met us there so Brice would have a friend to run around with.  It was a perfect day other than summer didn’t get the memo it’s time to move on and let fall have its turn.

Saturday night Colin and I got to have a date night!! We went to dinner with some friends and then went and hit up an Oktoberfest celebration.  Check tomorrow for the delicious details of our meal.  Then Sunday was the epitome of a Lazy Sunday.  That comment about Brice staying in his PJs all day??  Yeah… we all might have stayed in our PJs all day on Sunday.  We’re trying to enjoy this whole embracing doing nothing. 🙂




20141013-205228.jpgNow on to the running stuff…  September was a rather lousy month for my running.  There was only one week that was even worth talking about and the rest were just very inconsistent with only one, maybe two, small runs each week.  That whole stomach infection followed directly by a head cold really didn’t help my case, but I’m happy to say I’m getting back on track and loving it!.  The last two weeks have been good confidence boosters leading up to our race this weekend.  I was really nervous because the last time I ran over 5 miles was the very beginning of September, and I just wasn’t sure I’d be able to comfortably finish the 15k.

The weekend before last (10/4) I went and ran 8 miles with some friends.  I’m not going to lie, that number scared me before we even got started but we kept things nice and slow (for me) and I was VERY comfortable the entire time.  There was a little coughing but I carried water with me, so it never got out of control.  Then my runs last week felt great and have gotten me very excited for the rest of the year!

Monday 10/6 – I went out and did a little bit of speed work.  It felt nice outside so after work I went and ran around campus.  I used my run from the car up to campus as my warm up which was right around .9 miles and then I would run the length of campus at ~8:00 min pace (some were 7:55 some were 8:05) and then use the short sides as recovery.  I did two laps around campus for 4 sets of speed work and then used the run back to the car as my cool down. I got 4 miles out of the whole workout.

Wednesday 10/8- This was a tempo run day.  I worked later than normal so I didn’t have time to run before getting Brice so as soon as Colin got home I headed out.  When I started I wasn’t too sure how this workout would go so I kind of played it by ear.  I did a 1.5 mile warm up at around a 9:20 pace and then 2.5 miles at 8:30 pace followed by a half mile super easy cool down for a total of 4.5 miles.

Thursday 10/9- I had no plans to run today but Colin wanted to go for a super light 3 miles so I said let’s go!  He pushed the stroller so that could level out our pace a little bit. 🙂  We just did 3 easy miles averaging 8:57.

Saturday 10/11- It was time for another 8-9 miles. With my mom being here that meant I didn’t have to wake up extra early to get my run in.  Colin is still in recovery mode after his Ironman so he wanted to run with me.  (He is feeling great, but he can still tell he put his legs through a lot!! PS- I’m still working on that recap) When we set out I told Colin I wanted to run 8 or 9 miles and average 9:15 per mile.  As is usual for when I run with Colin, we went faster than planned.  We ended up doing 8.35 miles at an average of 9:01.  Of course when we stopped and I saw that overall average I got mad, because if you’re going to run 9:01 you might as well have picked it up a little more and gotten under that 9 minute mark!!

That last long run has me feeling very ready for this Saturday.  Last year in the 15k/9.3 mile race I averaged right at 9:00 a mile so I just want to do slightly better than that this year.  I’m not going to go out and run too hard since I still feel like my lungs are on the mend after whatever this head/lung cold was that I was fighting off.  Knowing I could do 8.35miles has me mentally and physically comfortable to push out just one more mile to finish the race.  Then it will be time to keep adding distance to get ready for the Savannah Rock n Roll!!  Fingers crossed I don’t get plagued with anymore strange illnesses because that was just no fun,

Have you had a bad month yet this year?  In running or just in life?

What did you do to bounce back?


6 responses to “A running update with some weekend fun

  1. I think you’ve done great – considering it seemed like you were sick for half a year : ) My running is always off during the summer. It’s just. Too. Darn. Hot. Thankfully, cooler temps usually mean my running habit kicks back into gear.

    • Summers in this part of the woods are pretty hard for your running. I hope y’all are feeling the wonderful cooler air up there too!

  2. Just think of it as a rest month. And now you are all nice and rested to KICK BUTT!!!! I definitely had a few down months the beginning of the year, but you know what? It got me ready for the rest of year. Like that post I wrote on the slingshot–you were just pulling back to spring forward!

    • I hope my rest month has me prepared to kick as much butt in my half marathon in December as you did in your marathon!!!

  3. I took a month off in August /September to spend time with my family, who was visiting from Germany. It was nice to relax but I started to miss running, so I was glad to be back to my old routine

    • When family comes from that far away, I understand wanting to spend as much time with them as possible! But getting back into your normal routine is always a great thing!

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