Thinking Out Loud- So much randomness

Before I get to my thinking out loud- here is a little update on how last week went down

download (1)Brice insists on taking is 4 ft tall teddy bear everywhere, Brice wearing sweat pants is my favorite thing ever, I’m slightly obsessed with Jamberry (more on that soon), cookouts at our neighbors who are deploying soon, we celebrated our 5 year engagement-anniversary, we rode on golf carts, we looked at Halloween decorations, we saw some deer, we ran a 15k (what I learned/recap tomorrow) we ate a pig, we got to do adult activities, we tried Jack and Coke slushies, we ate AMAZING sushi, had to do some sliding, I made some impromptu hot chocolate because I was lacking actual hot chocolate, and Brice keeps us laughing so hard every day!!

Now for my thinking out loud:

-Pretty much on a weekly basis I question my career path.  I have a pretty sweet deal with my job and it’s not that I am unhappy, it’s just that I know it’s not what I want to do forever.  I enjoy working.  I tried the whole stay at home mom thing and I need to have some kind of job that challenges me mentally but I also need a good life/work balance because I want to spend as much time with Brice as I can.  That’s why my current job is great but it’s not all that satisfying.  I always think of getting into the health/fitness field because I love that stuff, but would I love it if it became my JOB?  I found this an interesting read.

-There a lot of things I want to do in the next year, but they all take planning out and a few months of preparation.  However, Colin and I also know that we want to have another kid at some point in the not so distant future and unfortunately you can’t say ‘I’d like to get pregnant this month’ and it happen.  This makes planning these events rather difficult.

-I’m really bad at doing multiple things simultaneously. As you may, or may not, be able to tell this little ole blog has been rather neglected.  I’ve taken a bit of a step back from the blogosphere (posting and reading/commenting) and have taken on a new endeavor with Jamberry.  I’m going to do a whole post on it soon, but you can check out the Jamberry tab on the main menu in the meantime.

-Another reason I haven’t posting much lately is that I get those ‘what’s the point’ thoughts.  I don’t want to write just so I put something out there, I want it to have some sort of significance.  Maybe I’m too practical.  Just this week though I have gotten messages from two old friends.  One is training for her first half marathon and wants some tips, the other is trying to switch up her diet and wants to advice/recipes.  It’s times like these that make me think that maybe someone out there is benefiting from what I say.

-And that leads me into my next random thought.  There will probably be some changes around here.  I will still be running and Colin will for sure still be tri-ing but I’ve had some recent health updates that I think are going to help me refocus and adjust what I use this blog for.

Thanks, Amanda!

Thanks, Amanda!

What motivates you to sit down and spend time blogging or reading blogs?



10 responses to “Thinking Out Loud- So much randomness

  1. Congrats on your 5 year engagement anniversary. Hope you got to do something fun. I always wanted to get into the health and fitness industry and received my personal trainer certificate a few years ago and I have yet to do anything with it due to my full time job.

    • Thank you! We were able to enjoy some ‘us’ time over the weekend. I hope one day you’ll be able to use that certificate if it’s truly the industry you want to me in!!

  2. Jamberry is so cute! I love it, but I always end up going with gels for some reason. I always compliment them on other people.

    Also, so cute on the 4ft teddy bear. 🙂

    • If you ever want a sample of Jamberry to try out let me know and I can send you one! That 4ft Teddy bear is required to go everywhere he does!

  3. I know I say this every time, but I love Brice. That kid and his expressions crack me up so hard. With my very brief foray into the Health and Fitness field, I will say that it is tough to make your way. Even with all the experience in the world. But that also said, you are type a enough to make sure that it works. It just might not be as flexible as you would like, depending on the track that you take.
    I often have moments that I don’t feel like blogging, or whatever. And then I remember the incredible people that I have met (like you!) and once I start, things start to flow. Some days are definitely harder than others, no doubt about that, but just see where the wind takes you.

  4. I am also struggling to balance so many different things in my life right now, such that blogging seems to sit somewhere between ‘peaceful escape haven’ and ‘dowright chore’ – which is sad but true…some kind of balance needs to be found 😦 I loved reading this! It’s interesting to hear what you say about your career too. I believe in the saying that “if you do what you love, then you will never have to work a day in your life…” I am also at a point in my life where I need to start thinking real hard about careers…but I can’t quite face up to this fact! I want to be a student forever! It’s very refreshing to about careers this from another perspective. Love Tash 🙂

    • I wish I could go back to being a student, too!! Don’t worry about figuring out your career. I have my bachelors and masters and work in that field, but want to make a change! You’ll figure out which career path you want to take! I really think you should find something you enjoy doing because you want to be excited to go to work, not dread it. Best of luck Tash!!

  5. Congrats on your 5 year engageiversary 🙂 That’s awesome that you still celebrate that – I don’t think I even remember the date we got engaged haha! I think you would be fantastic in the health/fitness field! No matter what, I’m sure you’ll find the right fit!

    • Thank you 🙂 for many years the engagement anniversary went uncelebrated but I thoght 5 years deserved some recognition!

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