Halloween for days

In our city/county football rules all.  It’s not called Winnersville and TitleTown for nothing. So when the biggest high school football game is scheduled to be played on October 31st, trick or treating and Halloween festivities get moved around.  The football game I’m talking about is the Lowndes High vs. Valdosta High (the county school and city school) and it draws a very large crowd.  With such a big part of the community, including police. focusing their attention on the football game you make some accommodations.  The city announced they were moving trick or treating to Saturday night, but the county kept it Friday night, and some neighborhoods just said whatever and did it on Thursday.  After all, Saturday was a big college football day around here, too.  To make it even more confusing, we live in the county and our neighborhood celebrated on Saturday.  SO we took advantage of that and Brice dressed up on Thursday and Saturday.  First let’s check out how little and adorable our baby pilot was last Halloween!

IMG_6241[1]I couldn’t decide what Brice was going to be this Halloween.  He loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates so that’s what I went with.  Plus, I knew I could make his costume so that he would be original and I’d feel pretty good about myself. (hey, i’m being honest here)  I already had the perfect pants from last winter, and because Brice is still a skinny mini they fit, so preparation was minimal.  To complete the pants I bought a small piece of black fabric and sewed it on.  For the vest, I bought a little boys navy t-shirt, cut off the collar, the sleeves and used yellow duct tape to line it.  Cut out some felt buttons and you’re all set!  Instead of trying to use a bandana I got a red headband that ended up fitting his head perfectly.  The boot covers took the longest and were the most difficult (….and he ended up not wearing them.)  They are made 100% out of felt, a few hand stitched pieces and several safety pins.  Then I took an old long sleeve white onesie and cut off the sleeves and put some black yarn through the collar to make a little X.IMG_6154[1] On Thursday night we went to a local Trunk or Treat, but Brice was really more interested in the playground that was there.  Luckily, the weather was perfect so we could show off our outfit.  I’m really shocked he kept his headband on the entire time and rather upset that he hated the boot covers so much.  Oh well, he still makes one super cute Jake!!IMG_6188[1]On Saturday, we went to our neighborhood’s Halloween party for a little bit but it was so ridiculously cold and in the shade, plus there were so many people there so we just made our rounds quickly and then headed back to the house.  Since it was so cold I used a second long sleeve white onesie, but this time kept the sleeves on and we had to put on a jacket over his vest.  Brice’s BFF came over so they could go trick or treating together.  I guess this is what happens when you put two toddler boys together.  They tackle each other and want to be as rough and tough as possible!!
IMG_6217[1] I was really surprised at how well Brice did at Trick or Treating.  He’s only 21 months so he doesn’t really understand the whole dressing up part but he quickly got the hang of walking up to our neighbors houses and getting candy to put in his treasure chest!  IMG_6220[1] I seriously cannot get enough of these two and how cute they can be!  I say can be because they also can destroy your house in 5 seconds flat. 🙂  This was their second Halloween going trick or treating together.  I know each year is going to get more and more fun!!!IMG_6225[1]


What is your favorite candy to get for Halloween?

Did you dress up this year?? For a very short time I was the Izzy to Brice’s Jake, but I was cold and that outfit didn’t last long.


8 responses to “Halloween for days

  1. Om, that is amazing that the city and county have dueling Halloweens and move them around as necessary. That is hilarious, and so South.
    Also, Brice is totally owning that kid. You go, adopted brother!

    • It was a mad house around here this weekend is the dueling trick or treating nights!! hahah Brice and his buddy can go from super sweet to rough and tough right back to sweet in a matter of seconds!

    • Aww thanks! It was one of those moments that I felt like a supermom, and those are very few and far between so I had to brag on myself for a little bit. 😉

    • I’m glad other southerners understand the dilemma!! When Brice and his little buddy hug or hold hands I just can’t handle It makes me melt. And then they start pushing each other and I quickly snap out of it. 🙂

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