I’m baaaack!

You may or may not have noticed (if there is anyone still out there) that I pretty much fell off the face of the blogging world.  My last post was November 3rd and then on November 4th we found out some pretty crazy news…

baby #2Come early July, Brice is going to be a big brother!!!  I’m terrible about making things up so instead of coming on here and lying about how excited about my upcoming races and getting faster, I just stopped posting.  Up until a few weeks ago I would have had to rename the blog “I nap, He tris.”  I’ve finally have most of my energy back and do not require naps every single day.  I’m fortunate when it comes to pregnancy in that I don’t experience morning sickness, but that is made up for by feeling like a complete zombie with no energy.  I don’t remember being THIS tired with Brice, but back then I didn’t have an almost 2 year old insisting that we play instead of nap.

I have missed getting on here and rambling, so now that I am working out (and feeling human) again I decided it was time to come back.  I’ve still been reading most of the blogs I always have read, but barely commenting.  If you follow me on Instagram (brianna_irunhetris) you may have seen that I have still somewhat been active.  The weekend after we found out I was pregnant I still ran the Rock n Roll Savannah Half Marathon.  Not my best time, but definitely not my worst!  I may put up a recap soon.  I also ran the Jax Bank 5k instead of doing the half.  It was really hard for me to downgrade to the 5k because this was supposed to be my “A” race, but I knew I was not physically prepared to run the half.

2015 is going to be a very busy year for us.  I’m going to keep working out and will run in some 5k’s, but my goal is just to stay active throughout the whole pregnancy.  I have no training plans in place after the baby comes, and will just ease back in to things when I feel ready.  We have gotten our home gym all set up so that should be a big help this year.  Colin on the other hand has 3 70.3 Ironman races on the calendar.  One in early April, one in late May, and then one in late September.  I realized I never posted his full Ironman recap!!  I’ll have to add some pictures and just give the shortened version.

Anywho!  That’s enough rambling for now but I promise I’ll be back… and not 2+ months from now.

What have I missed???

12 responses to “I’m baaaack!

    • Congrats on the new baby!! I know in a few weeks the naps will resume so I’m enjoy this small span of normal energy! Colin is worried this one is going to interfere with his Augusta training so hopefully he can juggle it all!

    • Of course there is still room for me!! You’d have to live in the room right between the two kiddos…. sooo if you’re good with that then so are we 😉

    • Thanks!! I’m for real coming back this time 🙂 I’ve been silently reading all my normals blogs the last few months but have been missing all the interaction!

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