18 Month Training Plan

When it comes to working out, I’m much better at being strict if I have something on the calendar to look towards.  I’ll still be active without a race, but I take a pretty relaxed approach towards working out.  I know it’s my competitive nature that keeps me pushing forward when I know I’m going to be tested, so to speak, on a specific day.  That is one reason I wanted to get back to blogging to keep myself accountable and record my workouts.  I’m pretty excited about what I have in my plan! There will be other small races in between but this is just my big scale plan for the next 18 months… (Mama you can go ahead and put these on your calendar, too)

Rock ‘n Roll Savannah- November 2015

This will be my third year in a row of doing this race. In 2013 I ran a 1:57:36 and in 2014 a 1:59:14 while 6 weeks pregnant.  Over the next 12 weeks I will be building up my endurance to complete the 13.1 miles. My A goal for this race is to run a 1:57:36 or less (so basically average 9 minute miles,) my B goal is to break 2 hours, and my C goal is to run the whole race, with the exception of aid stations.

Savannah Rock n Roll

Savannah Rock n Roll 2013

Jacksonville Bank (half) Marathon- early January 2016

We started running this race back in 2010, and it was my first ever half marathon.  It has become some what of a tradition for us.  It’s a great flat course, but you NEVER know what the weather is going to be like.  The first year it was freezing and raining, the next year it was warm, the next year it was hot and humid, the next it was warm then it rained then got cold, and last year it was extremely humid and warm.  This race used to be mid-December, but the last three years it has been late in the month.  Now it’s been pushed back again so it won’t even happen in 2015.  Maybe this extra time will allow some cool air to travel down this way!!

2010: 2:03:44

2011: 2:11:54 <– slowest stand-alone half ever. I pretty much stopped training after doing my half Ironman 3 months before.

2012: 8 months pregnant 🙂 didn’t run

2013: 1:57:13

2014: 28:37 13 weeks pregnant so I dropped down to the 5k since I had barely been running

Since I’ll be trained up on the distance I’ll focus on speed for the 8 weeks between the races.  My A goal is to run a 1:51 (my current PR), by B goal is to run under a 1:55, and my C goal is to just be faster than I was at Rock n Roll.


Jax Bank 2013


Jax Bank 2014

Albany (half) Marathon- early March 2016

I have never done this race before, and I’m not really sure why.  It’s only about an hour and a half from us and in March, when weather is actually nice for running.  It’s always around my birthday, so maybe I’ve just never wanted to spend my birthday weekend at a race. 🙂 Right now I only have an A goal for this race and that is to run a sub 1:45.  I’ll have 9 weeks between races, so based on my previous race I’ll set a B & C goal.

After this half, I’ll be switching gears (pun intended!) and get back into triathlons.  I do plan to use cycling as my cross training so I won’t be starting from scratch right before tri season. I don’t know which ones we’ll be doing over the summer but those will all be practice runs for….

Augusta 70.3 Ironman- late September 2016

I did this race in 2011 in 6:26:23. My goal for this race is to be under 6 hours. Back in 2011, I ran the half in 2:26 so just with my run being stronger I should easily get that goal! Once I start cycling again I’ll reevaluate my goal time.

Augusta 70.3 2011

                    Augusta 70.3 2011

After this I’ll probably do a few winter half marathons (most likely the first two above) but my plan ends with…..

Albany FULL Marathon- early March 2017

Happy 30th birthday to me!!! To celebrate my 30th I’ll run my first full marathon. I had wanted to run this full earlier this year buuuut this little man in my arms right now changed that plan. 🙂 Right now my goal is  to run it under 4 hours but I know my goal will change in the next 18 months.

How far out do you have races planned right now?

What is your favorite half marathon training plan?

6 responses to “18 Month Training Plan

  1. I have Boston planned and then Ragnar planned, but I’m not anticipating on going nuts, lol. I like that you are giving yourself big goals, though, and plenty of time to achieve them with the new behbeh and Bryce. How are my little bros? You know I”m claiming the new one, too. So excited to see you get back to your own racing!

    • I want to do a Ragnar too! I really want to do the Key West one but it fills up almost immediately. The boys are great! Luckily Brett has been an easier baby than Brice was so I’m actually getting some sleep. 🙂

    • Yes ma’am! My husband is doing it this year so I’ll be up there, but I will do it next year! I’ve watched him do several and the Augusta course is a great one. Especially with the down river swim!

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