Going with Plan D

Over the last 6 week my training has not been where I wanted it to be.  It all started the week before Labor Day when I caught some nasty head cold that turned in to a respiratory thing.   After dealing with it for 2.5 weeks and realizing it was not going to go away I actually went to the doctor.  For me to go to the doctor is a pretty big deal, but the coughing was keeping me up at night.  Plus, Colin was tired of telling me to go to the doctor every night at 3am when my coughing would wake him up. 🙂  There were moments that reminded me of the Robitussin “coughsequences” commercial when I would be getting one of the boys to bed.  Since I’m breastfeeding Brett, I’m limited on the medications I can take, so the doctor prescribed me an antibiotic to knock out whatever funk I had.  To make matters worse the boys were both sick during this time too.  Brice had bronchitis and a double ear infection and Brett had (and still does 😥 ) an ear infection

If I just have a head cold then I will push through my workouts, because sometimes working up a good sweat gets my head cleared up.  Working out (mainly running) with a cough is dumb.  My lungs would feel like they were going to seize up, and even brisk walking brought on cough attacks.  Finally just last week I was able to breath clearly again and finally smell and taste food for the first time in weeks!!


Before my cold/respiratory junk got too bad I was still able to get out and run some.  I’ve been using a run/walk method to build up my distance before the half marathon in 3.5 weeks. The above 5 miles were done at the very start of my cold and the below picture is from when I was finally feeling better and could breathe again. My little workout partner is the best. 🙂


The other reason my training hasn’t been where it should be is because plain and simply training with two kids is MUCH harder than it is with one!  Having a job, owning a business, having two kids, plus juggling your training with your husband’s training takes a lot of work.  I can 100% without a doubt say that without our treadmill, I would have logged 0 miles over the last 6 weeks.  It’s not always the most enjoyable to be on the treadmill, but I have a TV, I can watch Brice and Brett play, I have a fan for cool air, I have access to water and a bathroom… so it could be worse!


I’m still trying to figure out a schedule that is going to work best for me.  The days I go in to work at my accounting job will most likely be my rest or easy cross training days.  Unless I can make myself get up super early and get a run in, it just won’t work those days.  With a 3 month old, I just never know how he’s going to sleep.  He was sleeping all night long while I was not running because of my cough, but now every few nights he wakes up a couple of times during the night.  It always seems he wakes up the most the nights when I plan on getting up to run the next morning. 🙂  Maybe he’s trying to tell me something!  My A, B, and C plans/goals for the Savannah Rock n Roll have pretty much gone out the window at this point. They are being replaced with Plan D of just making it through those 13.1 miles and enjoying it.  As much as 4 month postpartum me wants to run this race faster than 6 weeks pregnant me, I’ve come to accept the fact that it most likely won’t happen.  With this little stinker being the cause of my slow down… I can’t get too upset! 🙂

 How do you fit training/running into your schedule?

Have you ever had to resort to “Plan D” before a race? 


3 responses to “Going with Plan D

  1. FEEL BETTER DAMMIT. That is not fair! Especially when the kiddos then start to not feel good. I’m no help–I’m totally spoiled by my schedule. I wish I could come down and help!
    My Plan D race was my first marathon 😀

    • Oh I’m all better!! I guess I just need to get my lazy butt out of bed at 5am every morning to run.

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