Fitting it all in

At any given moment I feel like I’m wearing about 6 different hats.  I am a wife to a very active man, a mother to two VERY busy boys, I work part time in an office as an accountant, I own a business (<- still getting used to saying that) I’m a runner/triathlete with big dreams, a wannabe blogger, and a several other things.  If you are looking for a post about how you are supposed to fit everything in and do it well, then you have come to the wrong place.  This is more me trying to get all of my thoughts out of my jumbled head and in some sort of order.

halfThis past weekend I had a moment of “I just can’t handle it all anymore.”  Things were going on with our business, I most likely didn’t get to work out that day, and I possibly didn’t sleep too well the night before  I had been feeling this way for awhile but it just kept growing and growing.  I could never quite pinpoint it before but then I realized that for the last few months I have (for the lack of better words) been half-assing several different things and, basically, getting nowhere with all of them.  I have big ideas for our business, but feel as if I don’t have the time to get them accomplished.  I have big goals in my running and triathlons but feel like I don’t have the time to train to get there.  I have big plans for my blog, but feel like I don’t have the time to devote to get them done.  Notice that I have said “I feel I don’t have the time,” maybe I do have the time and I just need to get better at time management, or maybe I really don’t have the time for everything.

you can do anything

If only the world of Harry Potter was real (nerd alert!) and I could get my hands on a Time Turner, then I would have time for it all.  Maybe I just need to sleep less, but that might not end well for anyone.  Roughly my daily schedule goes like this:

Around 5am- Brett wakes up to eat. Feed him, get him back down.  Sometimes this is a quick process, sometimes it takes 45 minutes.

Anywhere between 6am-7am Brice wakes up. Damn you time change because this last week it has been anywhere between 5 and 6 that he wakes up.  ::yawn::  Then come breakfast, some play time, get both of the boys dressed, make bottles/sippy cups, get my snacks together, etc.  Somewhere in between all of this I have to shower and get ready for work.

We’re out the door by 8:30- drop the boys off then head to work

Work until 3ish- pick up the boys and come home.

3pm-6pm- play time, snack time, Brett naps, I try to get some cleaning or laundry done, get dinner together

Around 6pm-  eat dinner.

6:30-7:30 is family time, cleanup time.

7:30- bath time and then we usually sit and watch a little TV to get a Brice to unwind and calmed down for bed. Depending on how Brett napped that day he is ready to go to bed around this time.

8pm- off to Brice’s bed to read, sing songs, maybe watch a little video, and get him to sleep.  Sometimes it’s a quick process, sometimes it’s not.

9pm- Colin and I final have a little bit of piece and quiet.  Usually we are fighting sleep ourselves at this point and ready to pass out.

My “free time” during the week comes between 9pm-5am.  That’s 8 hours, and I usually require 8 hours of sleep to be a nice human being.  Something has to give for me to find time to work out. My Monday’s and Friday’s are a little more flexible in the time that I need to be working, so maybe I just need to write off working out on Tuesday-Thursday.  Make the most of Friday-Monday and fit in what I can in the middle of the week.  I’m not going to sacrifice family/boys time, and unless I workout at 10pm or 4am it’s not happening.  I’ll get the hang of juggling everything one day.  Maybe.

For some reason I can’t just delete this little blog and be done with it.  So for now, I’ll get on here when I can.  You can always find me on Instagram 🙂 brianna_irunhetris to keep up with our crazy busy life.


One response to “Fitting it all in

  1. You know that I stalk you on the regular. Send my little bros up here whenever you need a moment to yourself! Or call my mom…. actually, she would totally be ok with that. Not kidding.

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