Training Tuesday: 11/23-11/29

Two weeks in a row! So far so good!

Mon 11/23: Since I worked all weekend I decided to take a little time for myself on Monday morning after dropping the boys off at school.  It was coooold out so I stuck to the treadmill for a 10k. First mile was 9:25, then I kept picking up the pace each mile.  I was originally going to do just 6 but got distracted by the TV and it was 6.045 when I pressed stop, and that’s just not okay with me.  So I kept going for a 10k of 6.2 miles averaging about 8:51.  My legs were definitely feeling  the speed work from the day before, but I’m happy that I was able to pick up the pace with each mile!

Thurs 11/26: Thanksgiving Day 5k 23:35.9. I’m working on getting a recap up later this week.

Fri 11/27: 6 miles in 53:30 on the treadmill -started slow, picked it up, then brought it back down.  My legs were pretty tired from racing the day before but I really wanted to run. I kept it pretty easy the whole time and it felt good to shake out my legs. I was planning on doing 7 but my stomach started to not feel so great, so I stopped at 6. Colin was running outside, and my father-in-law was entertaining Brice. Brett was napping but then he woke up about 5.5 miles in so I took that as a sign to not push my stomach any longer. 

Sun 11/29: Miraculously the boys went down for naps at the same time again!! I’m loving this Sunday sychronization.

 Since I had already run 3 times that week I was in the mood to get on my bike. I’ve been focusing on high cadence when I ride. Small chain in the front and cycling through the gears in the back until I’m consistently doing 90rpm. I geared down a few times to make it more of a challenge. I did 10 miles and then decided to see if my legs remembered how to run after cycling and ran 10 minutes. I was going to run 2 miles but my legs were tired!!  

3 responses to “Training Tuesday: 11/23-11/29

    • Thanks Dave! I have to take advantage of the family when they are here to entertain the boys! 😄

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