Training Tuesday: 11/30-12/6

I need to get in the habit of writing up my workouts right after I do them.  I have to take pictures of the treadmill, bike computer, my watch so I can scroll back through and see what I did on what day.  If I don’t do that I can’t remember what all I did that day!  I’m quickly throwing this post together so here goes nothing….

Mon 11/30: This is a perfect example of why I need to write these posts throughout the week.  I always run on Mondays but I can’t remember what I did!! So maybe I didn’t??? The only picture I have is from our family walk/bike ride…

Tues 12/1: I did 4 miles in 36:07 on the treadmill, tempo style, and then did a little core work.  Brett napped for the first 3.25 then Colin brought him in to play while I finished.

 After that we went on a family bike ride/run.  Brice has gotten so fast on his bike that I now have to run to keep up with him.  Colin used to literally ride circles around Brice as we went out, but not this night!!  We did another 1.25 miles around the neighborhood giving me a total of 5.25 miles for the day.

Fri 12/4: Friday was a busy day for me.  Brett had a follow up doctor’s appointment for an ear infection that he just couldn’t shake (finally got the all clear!), then we had a Christmas lunch with one of Colin’s offices, then that evening we had to go see Santa and eat some s’mores in our neighborhood park.  Brett’s appointment took longer than I thought it would so I wasn’t able to get in a run before lunch.  This resulted in my trying to do speed work after eating way too much food…. Not a good idea.  I did a warm up and then 8 x .25 mile repeats at 6:50 pace.  Those quarter miles felt like that lasted FOREVER!  I ended up doing 4 miles total in about 32 minutes, but this run felt awful. You don’t need to see another treadmill screen picture do I’ll show you this cutie! 

Sat 12/5: I LOOOOOOVED my Saturday run.  The weather was perfect and I got to run outside!  One of Colin’s best friends came to visit for the weekend, so we were grilling out at another friend’s house that night.  Brett needed a nap, and I needed a run so the boy’s left to go watch football and Brett and I hit the road.  I ran for an hour and did 6.25 miles.  I didn’t ever look at my watch and just ran completely on feel.  I ended up averaging 9:35 and staying in the 9:45-9:25 range the whole time.  This was faster than I thought I would run pushing the stroller.  Brett fell asleep about 4 minutes into the run and stayed asleep for about 45 minutes.  I felt great at the end of the hour and would have kept going, but Brett was getting hungry and I needed to shower and meet up with everybody. 

Sun 12/6:  That magical thing where both boys nap at the same time on Sunday, didn’t happen this weekend.  Well it happened just long enough for me to get dressed and start riding before Brett woke up.  A friend (not the same one from above) drove over to go on a bike ride with Colin, so our day date wouldn’t have happened anyway.  Colin and Brett played while I cycled for 10 miles.  I was going to try and run for 10 minutes or so like I did last weekend, but Brice woke up right before I finished my ride.  I COULD have ran, but I just don’t like taking time away from the boys to do my workouts.  My left IT band was feeling a little sore, too, from my stroller run the day before so it was probably best to give it a break.  A quick snack and then it was off to the park to play!

 Overall it was another good week.  I only ran 15.5 miles, and I want that number to be over 20 for a weekly total.  I’m already on track to get there this week though! 4 more week until my next half marathon, and I’m getting excited!!

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