Training Tuesday: 12/7-12/13

I know it’s Wednesday, but let’s just pretend I got this posted yesterday.

Mon 12/7: This run felt AMAZING. I surprised myself again with the paces I was able to hold, and how great they felt.  I did a 1.4 mi warm up 9:15pace followed by 6 half mile repeats with quarter-mile recoveries in between.  The first 4 half-miles were at at 6:54 pace and the last 2 at 6:40 pace. Then dropped it down .5 mph at a time until I finished at 10k.  It wasn’t until I finished my run that I realized I was 2 SECONDS off of my 10k PR.  What???  Total time was 49:46.

 Thurs 12/10: If I get to run on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday I consider it a bonus. Since those are the days I’m actually stuck in an office I’ve sort of written those off from running.  Brett had a fever so I had to stay home with him.  I hate that he was sick, but loved that I got to stay with him. 🙂  While he went down for a short nap, I ran 3 miles and then after he woke up we did some core work together.

 Fri 12/11:  I REALLY wanted to get in a 10 miler this morning, but Brett still had a fever so it was off to the doctor we went.  Poor kid had another ear infection.  He started feeling better that afternoon so before going to pick Brice up we went for 3 stroller miles.  Being outside really perks him up and he was all smiles the whole run!

 Sat 12/12: This was one of those ‘I’m not really feeling it runs’ but I pushed through and I’m so glad I did!  Colin had taken Brice down to the park to meet up with one of his (Brice’s) BFFs and his dad to play, so once Brett went down for a nap I started my run.  About a half mile into my warm up, the boys got home and Brice then walked over and turned off my fan, telling me I didn’t need it.  He was wrong.  I told him to come back over and turn my fan back on.  He did but then reached over and turned off the treadmill!!  After he got back to the couch he made some comment along the lines that I needed to be quiet because I was going to wake Brett up.  At least his heart was in the right place.  I had run somewhere around .75 when Brice turned the treadmill off so I did another half mile and then started my mile repeats.  After the first one I told Colin I really wanted to stop, and he said just do another .75 to make it three miles and call it a day.  So I agreed and kept running except I didn’t stop as planned.  I ended up running 3 miles at 7:30 pace with .75 cool down for a total of 5 miles.

Sun 12:13:  Sunday’s have become my day to get on my bike, and I’m loving it. I think I had forgotten how much I loved my bike.  The 45-50 minutes I’ve been getting on it just flies by.  On this day, the boys did not nap at the same time so the usual naptime workout didn’t happen.  After Brice woke up from his nap, Colin took him fishing.  Yep, he’s a pretty awesome dad. 🙂  A bonus for Brice is that he got to play with his BFF 2 days in a row.  So while they were out, and Brett napped I got on my bike (after just a small struggle to get it down off the wall) and cycled for 45 minutes.  I threw in a few 5 minutes “harder” segments in there.  On all of my rides, I’ve been focusing on keeping a high ~90rpm cadence. The boys got home right as I was getting off my bike.  Brice went straight into the shower, and I went straight onto the treadmill to run 2 miles at 8:00 min/mile.

 19.2 miles for the week which is getting closer to where I want to be with my weekly mileage.  If I had gotten my long run it that would have been perfect, but my bonus day helped a little bit.  Spoiler alert for next week:  I have a cold so my mileage is pretty minimal so far!!

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