2016 Tri/Du Race Plans

Saying goals out loud, especially putting them in writing, makes my stomach do flips. Maybe because of the goals that I already didn’t reach earlier this year? Granted, I was only 3 minutes off of my goal time and I had sub-par training in the weeks and months before the race because of lack of sleep and the boys being sick. Goals give me something to work towards though. Goals push my through to the end of workouts instead of cutting them a little bit short because they are tough.

I already have several races on the schedule this year, and I am getting major butterflies right now just thinking about them. I think I’m just so excited to see what I can actually do. Honestly, I never pushed myself before this year and I’m hitting paces that I never thought possible (except for in the pool, but that’s just a matter of survival.) This is how the year is looking so far (These are 100% and signed up already):

Du-Woody Duathlon- I’m doing this race as a refresher race. It’s a 2mi run/ 12.4mi bike/ 3.1mi run and I need to do it to get some of my pre-race jitters out of the way before St. Anthony’s. I plan to race it hard, but also use it as a training day. Goal time: under 1:25

St. Anthony’s Olympic- This will be my first ever Olympic race! I jumped straight from sprints to 70.3 a few years ago and have only done sprints since then. This is a very big race and I’m SO excited to say that I’ll be doing the same race as Mirinda Carfrae! It’s a 1.5k swim/ 40k bike/ 10k run. I know I can swim 1.5k, but it’s not fast or pretty. I did a 40k trainer bike ride over the weekend so I know I can do that. 10k is a super easy distance for me now, too. It’s just putting them all together that gets my heart palpitating! If I’m being honest, I’ll say my goal is 2:45, but under 2:50 would make me happy!

Tyler Carter Memorial Duathlon- This is a local duathlon that is the weekend after St. Anthony’s.  I have no idea how my legs are going to feel that week, so I’m looking at this as more of a just for fun race.  It’s a 2.3mi run/18.5 mi bike/ 2.3mi run. If you are in the South Georgia or North Florida area, this is a must do race!!  It supports a great cause and it’s only $20!!  Check out the Facebook event for more details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1661965784070504/


Nothing for me yet, but Colin is racing Chattanooga 70.3.


Augusta 70.3- This is the end product of all the summer training!  Right now my goal is a sub 5:30. It’s still 6 months away but I’m looking at a 30 minute swim, 3 hour bike, 1:50 half plus transition times.

Tentative races are:


A Southern Tri- This is a sprint triathlon only about 30 minutes from our house.  400yd lake swim/ 15 mile bike/ 3.1mi run – The only hold up here is that the race is on our wedding anniversary.


Trybee Island Sprint- This one will probably be happening just because it’s right there by Savannah. That means we can stay at my parent’s house AND we have them to watch the boys. 🙂  Double win! 750m ocean swim/ 12mi bike/ 3 mi run


We haven’t talked about any races for July, but there is the Jax Tri Series #2 happening this month.  Maybe since July is going to be about 150 degrees, we’ll take the month off other than some local 5ks.


Georgia Veteran’s Sprint- This is another close to us race that we have done the last several years.  Okay, I did it way back when, and Colin has done it lately.  400 yd lake swin/ 13.6 mi bike/ 3.1mi run.

After the Augusta Half Ironman there will be several other running races on the schedule!

Anyone out there doing any of these races this year??

One response to “2016 Tri/Du Race Plans

  1. Looks like a good schedule! I really want to try a duathlon…I’m terrible at swimming so that scares me away from doing any longer triathlons than a sprint, but I think if I can train on the bike I’d be good at the duathlon. Can’t wait to read about all your training and races!!

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