Training Tuesday: 6/27-7/24

I’m big time making up for lost time with this one.  Thank goodness for Garmin Connect and Instagram so I can refresh my memory on these workouts!! šŸ™‚

Monday 6/27- 18.5 miles/1 hour on Zwift. If you aren’t familiar with Zwift, it’s an awesome app that works with the Wahoo Kickr.  It allows you to feel like you’re riding outside. Even though I was indoors I climbed 1,259 feet during this ride.  Zwift automatically adjusts the resistance on the trainer to make it as if you are climbing or descending hills/mountains.  You can still adjust your gearing while riding so it really simulates on outdoor ride.

Tuesday 6/28- I had a FULL day at the studio and very little time to get in a workout.  Colin had to be at a cycling time trial so I quickly ran a 5k on the treadmill.  It was supposed to be a spadework day so I did 8:19->7:20->6:39 paces for my miles.

Wednesday 6/29- Off day because I had to pack and get ready for our vacation!!

Thursday 6/30- 1 hour/7.1 sweaty miles outside at the BEACH. Average 8:27/mile.  This run felt great and it was so nice to be able to run outside with Colin (and his dad!)

Friday 7/1- Off day!  Well I guess technically I got in some open water swimming. šŸ˜‰

Saturday 7/2- Another 7.1 mile run.  This one took 1:02:37 and we averaged 8:49.  Okay, I averaged 8:49.  Colin would run ahead and then turn back and check on me.  This one was tough for me.  We left a little later that we had on Thursday so it was warmer.  Plus my legs were feeling the 7 miles (which I think is the longest I have run since my half back in March) Miles 5 & 6 I had to take a few walk breaks but I found my second wind and was able to pick it back up for the last mile.

Sunday 7/3- 3.4 EASY treadmill miles.  8:55/mile average.  Under other circumstances I most likely would not have run this day but we were participating in a challenge.  It was an Independence Day run or ride challenge.  I had signed up for the 24km run (from 7/2 to 7/4) so I needed to get some miles in so I didn’t have to do them all Monday after the 5K.  Maybe this easy run helped keep my legs lose for the race though!

Monday 7/4- Valdosta 5k.  This one will be getting its own post this week.  1st Female 22:36.3

Tuesday 7/5- swam 2,150 yards (I think I swam a little more but lost a few 50s because I was just kicking) I can’t remember the exact workout.  Averaged 1:59/100yd

Wednesday 7/6- Indoor trainer ride (I think I ended up doing 45 minutes).  I wanted to update my FTP and started the test but quickly realized my legs were DEAD.  Funny story- my ride updated into Colin’s Training Peaks and he was getting calls from his coach asking what in the world went wrong during his ride!

Thursday 7/7- 5 mile run- 7:58/mile average. 2 mile WU, 2 faster than 5K miles, 1 mile CD. I was surprised how good I felt during those 2 fast miles.  Were they hard? YES but for being 2 days post 5K I was very happy.  3,000 meter indoor row to get in an upper body workout.  I had planned on going and swimming, but work stuff happened and I didn’t have time for the gym/pool.

Friday 7/8- 25 mile bike ride outside with Colin.  We both had some work things to take care of that morning so we got out the door a little later than we liked.  By the time we were done, I was spent and literally laid on our bedroom floor for a long time before I wanted to move again.

Saturday 7/9- off day!  I had a baby shower and Brett’s birthday party so there was no time for training

Sunday 7/10- 5.5 miles 8:22/mile average.  Easier steady run.  Miles ranged from 8:31-8:11. I initially wanted to do an 8 mile run, but we had spent all morning at Wild Adventures (our local theme/water park) so I was slightly sunburnt and had been on my feet all morning (and all day the day before) so I was fine with 5.5.

Monday 7/11- 25 miles on the indoor trainer using Zwift.   I selected the hillier course and climbed 1,646 ft over the 25 miles.  Good practice for Augusta 70.3!! This ride felt great!

Tuesday 7/12- Swam 2,200 craptastic yards.  I just felt slow and there was nothing pleasant about this swim.

Wednesday 7/13- I rocked this run.  warm up, mile repeats, mile recovery.  6.13 miles (per my watch) 6 miles flat per the treadmill.  I ran during my lunch break so I went to the gym and used their treadmill so I could have the AC.  I was still drenched in sweat from head to toe by the time I finished.  My mile repeats were 6:59 and 6:53 and I get a little giddy about a fall 5K knowing I hit those paces.

Thursday 7/14- So as terrible as my swim on Tuesday felt, this one felt amazing.  Something FINALLY clicked again with my form and it felt effortless. I really focused on keeping my chin tucked (thus creating less surface area for the water) and it made all the difference in the world!  It was a wacky ladder workout but I was hitting 1:45/100yd without it feeling that hard.  I cut the swim short at 1,500yards because I was getting some pretty terrible foot cramps.

Friday 7/15- Ride & Run.  I was on the indoor trainer again and did about 20 miles/1 hour.  Our internet was going in and out and Zwift needs the internet to function.  When I stopped it said 51 minutes, but there were 4 different pauses in there where I kept riding, but it just didn’t track it.  I was frustrated because I was feeling really strong on this ride and would have loved to seen my final correct info.  I then jumped on the treadmill for 20 minutes/2.5 miles. Those foot cramps from yesterday’s swim have my foot sore today. I hope that’s all the discomfort is from and not from the, not so small child, that crash landed on my foot at the waterpark.

Saturday 7/16 – 8 easy miles on the treadmill.  Colin was out of town so this run took me 1:25 to complete but I was only running for 1:10.  I did it during the boys nap times and had to pause 3 different times.  I was determined to get it done though and thankfully the boys sort-of cooperated!

Sunday 7/17- off day!

Monday 7/18- Swam 2,000 yards and felt terrible!  Super slow like I was swimming in concrete.

Tuesday 7/19- Went to redeem my swim from the day before and had to cut it short because of lightning.  45 min ride/Easy 20 minutes on the treadmill

Wednesday 7/20- off day

Thursday 7/21- Swimming…. again.  Shorter swim this time but consistency is getting me faster!

Friday 7/22- off day

Saturday 7/23- looooooong bike day.  2h3m/40 miles on the Kickr

Sunday 7/24- 9 miles easy outside.  So humid I felt like I was swimming by the time I finished!

These last four weeks have been the most intense and hardest training I’ve EVER done! Only 8.5 more weeks until Augusta 70.3!! 



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