Cordele Veterans Sprint Recap

Many people joke that this race is the southwest Georgia championship. It pulls a great group of triathletes everywhere from Tallahassee, FL to Macon, GA and beyond. I knew this would be a great race and I was VERY excited to see what I could do. I finished the race in 5th place last year and was aiming to improve on that.

We stayed with some good friends at their lake house so we were only 10 minutes from there race start, and she took care of the boys for us. This made for a very smooth race morning! Setup was quick and easy (very well organized race!) so then it was time to drink my Generation UCAN and get warmed up. My only complaint with this race is that it starts at 8am when it very easily could start at 7:30. Thankfully it stayed nice and overcast all morning so the heat wasn’t an issue this year at all. Fingers crossed this is the same situation in Augusta!!!

I placed myself in front of my swim wave and pushed hard to come out towards the front. The swim ended up being a little long this year. It was supposed to be 400 yards and last year I swam 404 yards, but this year it was 484 yards!! Even so, I managed to average 1:48/100yd which I was very happy with! One girl who I know is an incredible athlete came out of the water a little in front of me, so I made it my mission to try and catch her. My transition was quick partially because I didn’t wear socks for the race. I coated both my cycling shoes and running shoes in TOOOONS of baby powder. Helmet and sunglasses on and I was off.

The bike was slower than I wanted to be speed wise, but placement wise I was perfect. There were more rolling hills on the course than I remembered and a bit of a headwind. Not a single person passes me on the bike and I was cranking hard. It did feel like every time I got up to speed there would be a turn and that got frustrating. I average 20.8 mph on the bike and I was aiming for more like 21.5, but Colin was also slower than he normally would have been so I’m finally okay with it. Anyway, when I got back into transition I saw 3 girls were ahead of me, and two of their back wheels were still spinning so I knew they weren’t far ahead! Shoes, helmet, and sunglasses off then visor, shoes, and race belt on and I was off!

Just out of transition I saw the first girl and I passed her within half of a mile. After the race and seeing the results I out biked her by a few seconds but she out swam me by a little more so she stayed in front of me. The run course has two little out and back sections. They had us turn around earlier on the fist part this year which made the run a 3 miler instead of a 5k like last year. I saw the other two girls that were in front of me near the turn around so I knew where they were. That helped keep me pushing hard in hopes of catching them, but alas they were just too far ahead! I averaged 7:27/mile on the run and probably could have pushed it a little harder, if I’m behind totally honest!

3rd place overall, and I was pumped! I really pushed all out for this race. My average heart rate was 164 on the swim, 167 on the bike and 173 on the run. 😲 This race was a good tester for Augusta and it’s all going in the right direction. I’m putting a big focus on the bike these next few weeks.

My nutrition for the race was great. I ate some overnight oats 2ish hours before race start. Then I had one scoop of UCAN about 1 hour before and then a Gu 15ish minutes before. I only took one bottle on the bike which had a little bit of First Endurance EFS in it. The bike was only 13 miles and I think I only drank about half of my bottle. I grabbed one cup of water during the run.

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