Personal Bests

Marathon: 3:36:18  Snickers Marathon March 2017

Half Marathon: 1:48:20  Snickers Marathon March 2016

(unofficial) 1:47:07 2nd half of the Snickers Marathon March 2017

15k: 1:21:2o Peachtree City Classic October 2014

10k: 49:44  VJSL Dosta Dash March 2014

5k: 22:14 Turkey Trot November 2016

Half Ironman: 6:02:30  Augusta 70.3 September 2016

Sprint Triathlon: 1:12:17  Georgia Veterans Triathlon August 2016 (400y/13 mi/3 mi)

Duathlon: 1:37:26  Tyler Carter Memorial Duathlon May 2016 (2.3m run/18.5m bike/2.3 run)

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